Senior 2020 – Raichel Frye

Raichel is the daughter of Wayne and Sherri Frye, and a senior enrolled at Foreman High School. During her elementary years, she dreamed of being a veterinarian but has now redirected her helping spirit to a career in nursing after high school graduation. 

Raichel’s high school years have been filled with lots of activities and fun moments with her friends.  She describes her senior year as “crazy, memorable, and tiring.” Outside of studying and attending classes, her time is spent with several activities including softball for three years, basketball for four years, track for two years, FBLA for three years and yearbook for three years. So, what are Raichel’s thoughts on extracurricular activities? “Students should not be forced to do things they don’t want to do, but [extracurricular activities] allows students to make new friends and find new things they like to do,” Raichel says.

Raichel takes pride in her school and their traditions. “The school tradition I am most proud of is the week-long events leading up to the big homecoming game,” she says. “In fact, if I were to create one new club for the next year, it would be a Spirit Club! A club that goes to all sports events and other activities to cheer on the other students; basically a student section, but with a name.” Thinking of future students, she believes all high school students should take a mandatory money management class. “It would teach us how to pay bills and other necessary things we need to know as we move on to the future,” she says.

Raichel’s favorite teacher has always been Leah Beall, as she explains, “She teaches in the English department. She has always been my favorite teacher. She has had my back in many situations where people turned against me. She has been kind of my therapist these past few years. She also helped me write my essay that got me chosen to be apart of the Arkansas Electric Cooperation Youth Tour to Washington D.C.” 

Raichel has enjoyed her high school years with her two best friends: Kenzie Cowan and Randy Carrel. “These two have always been by my side through thick and thin.”

Raichel’s future plans include attending the University of Arkansas, 

Cossatot Community College, to study nursing.  She has always taken care of people that are hurt and looks forward to this career path.

“I will always remember the friends that stayed by my side.” – Raichel

Did you know?

Songs I jam to on the way to school:

Rare by Salena Gomez & My Oh My by Camila Cabello

Favorite thing to eat for lunch:

PB&J sandwich made perfectly by my mom

Favorite Presidential Candidate:

Trump 2020!

Most useful math equation:

a2 x b2 = c2

Favorite Snapchat/IG filter:

Puppy dog


Do you think cell phones should be allowed on campus?

Yes, so we can alert parents in an emergency.

Funniest moment in high school:

We lost power and had to go home; the hallways were super creepy.

Subject that most prepares you for life:

English – because you have to know how to write things anywhere you go!

3 artists you’d bring to a high school concert:

Billie English, Kane Brown & Drake

Name one school rule you would change:

All punishment should be equal for every student no matter the situation.

Which piece of technology has most contributed to academic success?

SnapChat Group Chats! Friends never let you forget a deadline!

What project/assignment has challenged you?

In Computer Science class, I am the only female enrolled and I don’t have many people to seek guidance from on assignments.

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