Abby’s schooling has been unconventional, and yet totally rewarding. Abby is the daughter of Floy and Karen Lewis and is a senior at Lewis Homeschool Academy. In elementary school, Abby wanted to be a veterinarian due to her love of animals. However, a simple movie quickly changed her dreams. “I saw the movie ‘Unbroken’ with Louis Zamperini and decided I wanted to serve my country, as a Marine,” says Abby. Having recently started the college search and application process, Abby wishes to attend Texarkana College and enter the automotive and diesel technology field.  “When I turn 18, I plan to join the Marine Corps,” she says.

Homeschool definitely lends itself to some wonderful benefits. Abby’s favorite school tradition is sleeping in as she explains, “I love being able to make my own schedule – as long as my work is done, I can sleep in.” Abby’s graduation ceremony will be very special to her. “I’m graduating May 30, 2020, with a great group friends from a small homeschool co-op I have attended off and on for the last 12 years. I feel particularly blessed to be graduating

early – it’s been a lot of hard work, but I get to walk across the stage the same year as my brother, Adrian.” Abby even has the opportunity of speaking during her graduation ceremony. 

Extracurricular activities have graced Abby’s high school years as she has enjoyed playing volleyball, learning photography, volunteering at Dekalb Children’s Activity Center and modeling for three years. When asked her thoughts on extracurricular activities being a requirement for high school students, she replies, “Yes, I think some sort of extracurricular activity should be required for each student because they help build necessary character in kids – work ethic, discipline, ownership, confidence, manners and kindness, to name a few. These are beneficial for the student’s mental health, as well as helpful when building a college application and résumé.” Also high on the list for high school students, Abby believes a Life Skills class should be mandatory for all high school seniors. She is certain that learning how to change a tire, how to do taxes, how to balance a checkbook, how to change your oil, how to create a budget, how to cook, how to do laundry, how to plan meals and grocery shop are all important skills students need after high school. 

Abby holds a strong belief in high school students learning foreign languages. “As a homeschooler, we probably have more options than those in public school for foreign language. I do think it’s good to require a foreign language because Americans, as a whole, speak fewer languages than almost any other major country,” she says. History is Abby’s favorite subject as she believes it gives brief glimpses into our past and guides us into the future. In fact, the longest paper she has ever written was in her history class. “[It] was about abortion – it was for my history class and discussed abortion statistics and the moral issues surrounding the whole abortion debate,” she says. Another of Abby’s favorite is her eclectic taste in music. She explains, “I listen to a variety of music types, so it’s hard to pin down a few. I love “Catch a Wave” by the Beach Boys, “Time” by Pink Floyd, and “Ruby Baby” by Dion and The Belmonts.

In 10 years, Abby wishes to be finished with her military career and be working on cars or diesel trucks for a living.

Did you know?

• Started out homeschooling, attended Veritas for two years, finished out homeschooling and is graduating at the age of 15!

•Parks and Recreation is a favorite TV show!

•Her favorite professional sports team is Pittsburg Penguins (she loves hockey)!

•What will she always remember? “My Dad and I risked life and limb to climb a mountain in the middle of the winter in Colorado to see a non-existent waterfall. Good times.”

•George Strait, Tyler Childers, and Cody Jinks would be invited to her personal concert.

•Abby’s role model is her father. “He has always pointed me towards scripture and he does his best to see things from my point of view, even when he disagrees, and has supported me in my choices and goals.” 

Everyone should put work into where they live – giving back is a huge part of being a respectful human being.
-Abby Lewis

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