Chloe Norwood, daughter of Mike Norwood and Amy and John Mauldin, is a senior at James Bowie High School in Simms, Texas. Chloe plans to attend Texarkana College to complete her general education requirements, and possibly transfer to Texas A&M University-Texarkana upon graduation. 

Chloe is looking forward to her high school graduation as she prepares for this special day. “I am both nervous and excited about the graduation ceremony because I will have to make a speech. At the same time, I’m so excited to be graduating!” says Chloe. Reflecting over school traditions leading up to graduation, Chloe is most proud of cheering at the school’s annual bonfire before the football game against their rivals, the Maud High School Cardinals. Chloe has not only been involved as a varsity cheerleader all four years of high school, but in addition she has been very active in the FFA chapter at James Bowie. “I have served as vice president my junior year and president this year for our wonderful FFA chapter. Through FFA, I have been on leadership teams, judging teams, public speaking teams, and the show team. I have served as class president both my junior and senior years as well as NHS president this year. I am also serving as treasurer on student council this year,” she says. However, being this involved in extracurricular activities should not be mandatory in Chloe’s eyes.  She feels if someone is not passionate about an organization or activity, they will not be an effective member.

Chloe’s academic journey has led her to discover her two favorite teachers throughout all of high school: Mr. Michael Meadows and Mr. Brad Hunt. “Our school is so fortunate to have them! They have both helped me tremendously with projects, leadership skills, and FFA teams. Even though they are super busy, they are always supportive, encouraging, and patient. They are the only teachers I have ever known to give up an immense amount of their personal time to travel constantly on FFA trips, and to supervise and assist their students. That is true dedication and shows that they possess a passion for what they do,” she says. Desiring to create a mandatory class for all high school seniors, Chloe would love to see one based around developing real world skills to deal with things such as taxes, paying bills, and creating a monthly budget. Chloe’s most useful math equation throughout all of school has been the slope-intercept equation (y=mx+b) and the longest paper she has written this year was a seven page research paper for her dual credit English Composition 1 class. Also in her dual credit composition classes, her weekly essay assignments have challenged her the most as a student. “These essays are suppose to be well-rounded and intricately detailed which makes them very time consuming,” she says. Chloe would love to see one new club created at her school for next year. “I would create an entrepreneurship club since I would like to own my own business. This would allow students to receive a better understanding of owning and maintaining a business of their own.” Chloe also mentions that while every school subject is beneficial is some way, the content of economics class is most useful to her future self, and English class helps a student be prepared for success in college, as well as helping a person speak well and write well for job applications and interviews.

Although Chloe’s senior year has been a combination of thrilling, stressful, and bittersweet, she will always remember some amazing times through her high school years. “I will always remember the road trips home from Friday night football games. The most hilarious and bizarre things always happened to us! I will really miss those nights!”

Did you know?

Favorite SnapChat/Instagram filter:

Midnight Sun on SnapChat

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In a stable career that I am passionate about
and starting a family!

Who is your role model?

My mom and dad are my role models because of how encouraging and loving they are to me. No matter what I decide to pursue, they give me advice and support my decisions. I love them both very much!

Songs I jam to on the way to school:

“Talk”, “Come Around Me”, “I Like Me Better”,  

“Blinding Lights”, and “The Long Way”

Favorite professional sports team:

Patrick Mahomes & Kansas City Chiefs

All about high school

What is an issue you see throughout?

An issue I have seen over many years is the stress involved with too much homework. Thankfully not all teachers assign a lot of homework because some go overboard assigning things that consume many hours outside of school when a student needs to have time for extra-curricular activities, family time, and rest. 

You can bring any three of your classmates on a cross-country road trip: who would you choose and why?

I would take my friends Celaska, Kyler, and McKinley. Celaska would provide comic relief, Kyler would keep us from doing anything too embarrassing, and McKinley would keep us all from getting lost! All of them would keep me on track with cute outfits, and we would have loads of fun and lots of laughter!

What play should your school produce?

I would enjoy seeing our high school production of “The Great Gatsby.”

Which TV show is most talked about in the hallways?

The Bachelor

How can teachers make social media part of their curricula?

Teachers could make educational TikToks to create a fun way of learning.

What piece of technology has most contributed to your success?

My ChromeBook that our school provides!

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