Chloe Turner is a senior at Redwater High School and the daughter of Nathan and Tania Turner.  Growing up, Chloe wished to be a teacher. “Both of my parents are teachers and I wanted to be like them. I have drastically changed my mind since then,” Chloe says. Undecided on which school she will attend after graduation, she is very sure of her field of study in biology. 

Chloe’s senior year has been a mixture of “different, unplanned, and change” as she has navigated this memorable year. She is most proud of her school’s tradition of a senior circle during pep rallies as she explains, “It brings the whole class together. For those few minutes, all drama, pettiness, and dislike towards each other is forgotten. We are united as one class; celebrating being seniors.” Issues definitely plague high school halls as Chloe elaborates on the biggest issue she has seen during her 13 years of education. “The biggest issue I have seen throughout all the years I have been in school; is the need to fit in. I have watched and experienced people lose relationships over trying to fit in with the group that has been deemed the ‘in crowd’. The need to be accepted and liked by all effects your mental and physical health. It also can negatively impact your grades and productivity in school. I try to spread the advice that it is fine if the only person that likes you is you because at the end of the day it is better to love yourself than be loved by all but hate yourself,” she says.  Such wise advice from Chloe! 

Chloe’s graduation ceremony will be held on May 29, 2020, at Redwater High School’s football field. Chloe is not nervous about graduation, but instead, is ready and excited for the next phase of life. Chloe also holds the honor of speaking at her graduation ceremony.

Experiencing many years of fun and laughter, Chloe reflects back to her most embarrassing in-school memory. “During my freshman year track season, I went to track in clothes I would normally practice in. Our workout for the day was ‘meet preparation’ such as block starts and hand-offs. I get my blocks out, set them up, and get down in them. I go up in set only to be called back down. I asked why and it turns out by black spandex were see-through and I wore underwear with lime green writing on them. So everyone then knew what words were on my underwear,” she says.

Chloe has been involved in sports for many years including cross country, volleyball, basketball, and track. Other extracurricular activities on her schedule also include Key Club, NHS, FCA, HOSA and Student Council. 

Academically, Chloe believes math is the subject that most prepares students for life after high school because it teaches students basic formulas for taxes. Her longest paper she wrote during her senior year was an analytical research paper for her English Composition 2 class over morality. Finally, she wishes a mandatory class for all high school seniors teaching basic adult tasks, like taxes and laundry, would be created. She would title the class “Life”.

Surrounding Chloe on graduation day, will be her family, friends, fellow Redwater Dragon classmates and her role model, affectionately known as “Dad”. “He is one of the hardest working person that I know. He is always there with advice about the struggles I face, and he encourages me to chase my dreams. He has taught me lessons that I will live by forever,” Chloe says. Her closest and oldest friends, Crayton, Jocie and Anna Blair, will also be celebrating this monumental occasion with her as they have celebrated so many other memories together.

Did you know?

•Her songs to jam to on the way to school are “Falling” by Harry Styles, anything by Alec Benjamin or Khalid.

•Chloe believes cell phones should be allowed on campus during high school years because we live in a technology-based world. “Phones provide access to the internet and often can be used to complete school work. There have been numerous times that I have had to use my phone to complete an assignment,” she says.

•The most talked about TV show in her high school hallways is Vampire Diaries.

•If she was in charge of planning a concert for her school, she would bring in Luke Combs, Khalid, and Travis Scott.

•If she could change one school rule, it would have to be the dress code.  All of it.

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