A senior student at Queen City High School, Julia is the daughter of John and Susie Grogan. Growing up with a love for relay races during field day and aspiring to be an English school teacher during her elementary years, Julia has thrived in her 13 years of schooling.  She has enjoyed many memorable moments throughout her high school career, some embarrassing, and others that are traditions she is proud to be a part of.  Cheering on her Bulldog fellow athletes, Julia remembers a funny moment when she called a defensive cheer during an offensive possession. She also remembers an embarrassing moment, saying, “I sat on a piece of gum the first day of my sophomore year in white skinny jeans.” While these moments definitely lead to chuckles and embarrassing thoughts, all high school students have been there at some point in time. Julia remembers the good times too, including the school tradition she is most proud of. “I love singing my alma mater following each football game!” she says. 

Julia has filled her high school days with many extracurricular activities including Cheer, Student Council, National Honor Society, Volleyball, Yearbook, Interact Club, Leadership Team, and the Gifted and Talented Program. Requiring students to enroll in extracurricular activities is not a “must” on Julia’s list for high school students as she believes many students have activities outside of school that keep them busy. When asked what one new club she would create for her school next year, she replied with, “A club for students going into the medical field.” Understandably, this would benefit her as is looking forward to continuing her education after graduation studying nursing at Dallas Baptist University, in Dallas, Texas. “I want to become a Labor and Delivery nurse and help new moms and their newborns feel loved and cared for,” Julia says. 

Looking back over her high school years, specifically academically, Julia would make some changes for those who follow in her footsteps. “I believe a money management class that teaches students about basic personal finance concepts like balancing a checkbook, how insurance works, and the dangers of credit cards, should be mandatory for all high school seniors. I also think it would be great if more schools offered more languages for students who want to pursue other languages in college.  Currently, at my school, Spanish is the only language offered and required,” she says. Julia believes economics is the subject that most prepares high school students for life after graduation saying, “It teaches basic problem solving skills and prepares students to plan for their financial success.” Speaking of economics, Julia reflected on her most challenging assignment she received in high school as she says, “A mortgage project I did this year was definitely the most challenging for me. I had to learn the process of purchasing a house, including computing the down payments, and the monthly income requirements.” Proving that math equations we learn can actually be useful in everyday life, Julia states that the slope formula is her most useful math equation she has ever learned.  In fact, she has used this formula every single year in high school. Reminiscing on her longest academic paper she wrote, she referred to a 10-page research paper she wrote this year. “It was over anorexia nervous for my dual credit English class,” she says. 

Although Julia’s senior year can best be described as “bittersweet, exciting, and memorable”, she will always remember her friendships that she made, the precious memories that she will always cherish, and the school that has shaped her into who she is today. She is thankful for her favorite teacher throughout all of high school, Mrs. Jackie Purtle. “She taught me Economics, World Civilizations, and American History. Mrs. Purtle applies what we learn in class to real life experiences. She’s such a sweet lady and the wisest person I know,” she says. 

Among many excellent moral values that Julia has, she holds tightly to the belief that students in high school should be involved in their community. “I feel that students should be involved in some type of community service to graduate. Most students already volunteer many hours for various organizations and use these as part of their college resume’,” she says. 

Julia looks forward to graduating on May 22, 2020, in the Queen City High School gymnasium. She is somewhat nervous about the actual graduation ceremony as she will have the honor of speaking during this memorable occasion. To cheer her on throughout this day, she will be surrounded by family, best friends, fellow Queen City bulldogs, and her role model and mother, Susie. “She is the most humble and selfless person and I know. She handles everything with grace always pushes me to be a good person. She is my biggest supporter and my best friend.”

Did you know?

What is an issue you see through all years of education?


You can bring any three of your classmates on a cross-country road trip:
who would you choose and why?

Jayley Stringer, Abby Watkins, and Samantha Hall. We all love to do fun and spontaneous things,.and we would have the absolute best time.

Which TV show is most talked about in the school highways?

The Bachelor. We have discussions about this show everyday.

Which presidential candidate would you vote for? Why?

I would vote for Donald Trump because he has followed through with his campaign promises

from 2016 including creating jobs and increasing military spending among many others. 

What play should your school produce next year?

Legally Blonde.

Which piece of technology has most contributed to your academic success?

My MacBook. I literally do everything from studying on Quizlet,
writing essays, emailing my professors, and googling information. 

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