Executive Director of the Texarkana Symphony Orchestra and General Manager of the Perot Theatre

Andrew Clark knew that his future involved art and music when he was only 14-years-old. He switched careers from church music and education to arts administration in 2008. “I am inspired daily by the ability for music and all arts to affect a community in positive ways—not only through cultural enrichment but also through economic development,” Andrew says. 

Andrew is also inspired by his parents, whom he has always looked up to. His dad has had roles as a national and international data and communications manager for AT&T and Amdocs. He is also proud of his mom and her ability to balance the roles of mom and professional elementary librarian and storyteller. “I also look up to my college’s School of Music Dean, Dr. Charles Wright. He had a huge impact on my life both in offering me leadership opportunities and supporting my continuing studies in graduate school,” Andrew says. “I also respected how he balanced his time as both a musician and professional arts and education administrator.”

Andrew is married to Angela Hibbs Clark, and they are the proud parents of Drew (8), Preston (6), and Caroline (3). Finding balance is something that Andrew says is one of his struggles. “It’s hard to turn off my work brain and focus solely on my family. The demands on our time and the development of communications technology have made it so easy for us to be on a constant information overload–taking back our lives and focusing on a true work/life balance is critical,” Andrew says. “I believe the great irony of our day is that the global pandemic has helped reset some of our priorities, but also has provided an easy excuse to withdraw from society, church, and social events that are at the heart of what it means, in the words of Steven Covey, ‘to love, live and leave a legacy.’”

Andrew and his family are involved with St. James Episcopal Church, where they are members, and Andrew is the parish musician. They are also involved with St. James Day School, where all three kids attend, and Texas A&M University-Texarkana, where Andrew is an adjunct faculty member. In addition, Andrew’s kids play in the Texarkana Soccer Association, and Andrew has been a coach for Preston’s team for the last several years. Andrew loves the Texarkana community and is willing to continue to contribute to its future growth. “Economic development and growth in both blue and white-collar jobs are essential to our community,” Andrew says. “I am committed to continuing to invest in cultural opportunities; there are so many opportunities and potential.”

Looking to the future, Andrew has several long-term goals. Personally, he wants to continue providing the best he can as a husband and father. “Professionally, my goal is to ensure that both the Texarkana Symphony Orchestra and the Perot Theatre are successfully positioned for an ever-evolving performing arts world and philanthropic environment,” Andrew says. “I also want to find more time for returning to one of my loves—presenting solo organ recitals.”

The accomplishments that Andrew is most proud of are his three awesome children, his work as a full-time or bi-vocational church musician for 26 years, his service on the League of American Orchestra’s national board, and being a recipient of the Ouachita Baptist University Alumni Milestone Award. “I want to be remembered first and foremost as a good husband and father,” Andrew says. “Second, I hope people say that I made an impact on others through the use of my God-given talents and abilities.”

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