Director of Marketing at Texarkana Emergency Center & Hospital

Brooke Marshall, Director of Marketing at Texarkana Emergency Center and Hospital, is proud of where she works and the people she works with. “They are all professionals with big hearts for the people of Texarkana,” Brooke says. “Dr. Matt Young walks his talk, as do all of our doctors and staff. As longtime emergency room physicians, our physicians and staff understand the fears and frustrations that people feel when they have to visit an emergency room, and Texarkana Emergency Center has created a comforting experience for our patients. Check-in is fast and easy, and every patient is treated like family.”

Brooke was able to join the team at Texarkana Emergency Center and Hospital from the very beginning, so she has been able to have a say in everything from branding to patient room design. “Very few people get to be involved in a business that makes them feel that they are making a difference in the community,” Brooke says. “I really look up to Dr. Matt and Cindy Young. They are good people who believe in giving back to the citizens of Texarkana. They are also an example of a great Christian married couple who have raised wonderful sons who adore them. I am grateful for their leadership and mentorship in my career and personal life.”

As the Director of Marketing, Brooke’s main responsibility is to make sure people know about Texarkana Emergency Center and Hospital and all that it has to offer. “Texarkana Emergency Center and Hospital is a locally-owned facility that is always open, with trained physicians on hand to address patients’ health immediately,” Brooke says.

Another aspect of Brooke’s job also allows her the opportunity to go out in the community and talk to people of all ages about their health. “Representing a business that I believe in wholeheartedly is the greatest joy,” Brooke says.

Brooke enjoys spending time with her husband and twin boys when she is not working. Brooke is married to Todd Marshall, Director of CTE and STEM Education for Texarkana ISD. Todd has worked in education for 15 years, starting in Texarkana ISD, with stops in Atlanta and Pleasant Grove ISD, and now back to Texarkana ISD. They have 4-year-old twin boys: Luke and John. “As a family, we enjoy doing things together, either at home playing in our backyard or taking a trip to the aquarium in Shreveport,” Brooke says. “Recently, John and Luke have become very interested in the different holidays, so we have spent time riding around to look at everything from Halloween to Christmas decorations.” 

Brooke takes great pride in being a mom, and though her life has changed since the arrival of the twins, she would not trade it for anything. “John and Luke have changed and continue to change my life daily,” Brooke says. “No matter what positive or negative experiences the day may bring, I am truly blessed to call them mine.”

In an effort to be the best mom she can be, Brooke says that she has to struggle to find a good balance between work and family. Finding a way to separate her work life from her home life is a constant goal. “My children are the greatest gifts from God, and Todd and I want to raise them to be good people,” Brooke says. “I also want to make sure we get to do fun things as a family. From traveling to working together on projects, celebrating holidays, attending church regularly, and being a close-knit family are some of our future goals. I plan to accomplish these goals by continuing to be intentional in balancing work and family.” 

Though she is a working mom, Brooke also carves out time to pour into her personal interests, friends, and extended family. When she has time, she enjoys seeing her two brothers and two sisters with whom she is very close. She also loves traveling, shopping, and researching the next fashion find for Lindsay Kate Designs. In addition, she also helps friends and family with interior design. “One that I am really passionate about that I am not only involved in through work but also personally is Junior League of Texarkana. I am a sustainer and love to help throughout the year,” Brooke says. “We enjoy being involved in so many community organizations that prioritize giving back to our local community, and I hope that I am remembered as someone who was always kind and willing to lend a hand to others in need.”

Recently, Brooke also joined the Executive Committee for the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Council. She is excited to work with others who believe and want Texarkana to continue to expand and grow. “I really think that Texarkana will continue to thrive in the upcoming years,” Brooke says. “I hope to see industries and businesses continue to choose Texarkana as their home, which will provide more jobs, grow our economy, and attract other businesses. I also want to see graduates of our local schools stay or return to Texarkana after they complete their post-secondary goals to become part of the Texarkana community and workforce.” 

Looking back, Brooke is extremely proud that she chose to make a career change from the field of oil and gas to marketing. “As the director of marketing at Texarkana ER and Hospital, I have been a part of this local business since day one,” Brooke says. “I am very proud to have played a part and witnessed the growth and impact it has made to patients and the Texarkana community.” 

Brooke is excited to see where the future may lead, no matter what it holds. As she navigates decisions, she will keep her grandfather’s words close to her heart. “The advice that I live by is, ‘Always do your best in everything you do,’” Brooke says. “My grandfather told me that at an early age before he passed away, and I have always tried to practice it in every aspect of life.” 

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