Christopher Daly (DJ Hollygrove)

DJ and Owner of Sound Production Business

Christopher Daly’s passions are music and helping the youth of our community. “The youth of today are our future,” Christopher says. “My goals are to become one of the greatest DJs/entertainers in the world and to build a recreation center and fun park for the youth.”

Christopher wants to be remembered for how much he entertained and helped many people. One of the most memorable moments of his career so far is when he was on the news for giving back to the community. “I have my own thing I do here. I give back to the kids a lot. Also, I have a backpack and school supply giveaway where I provide free haircuts, turkey giveaways, toy giveaways, and Easter Egg hunts. Plus, I’m a motivational speaker to the youth,” Christopher says. “I am inspired by God, first and foremost, and just knowing that I have a child and family who want me to succeed pushes me.”

Christopher takes great pride in how far he has come in life and how many opportunities he has had to help and bless others in return. “One of my biggest struggles was moving to Texarkana from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. It was difficult not having my mother fully in my life, and the move was just a total culture shock,” Christopher says. “But I’ve been blessed to have been raised by my grandparents. My grandma died when I was in middle school, but it’s a blessing to still have my grandpa, whom I take full care of today. I’m also grateful to have my father in my life.”  

The best advice Christopher ever received was from his grandpa, who told him to “Do what God has for you, and it will come true.” Christopher has many people he admires, but his grandpa is definitely at the top of that list. “I look up to my dad, my grandpa, my pastor, Deacon Watson, my sisters, Tameka King and Ke Rich, my good friend, Ty, and many more. Each one of them gives me mental support, and that’s the biggest blessing,” Christopher says. “I also can’t forget my mentor, DJ Shelby, whom we lost this year!”

Christopher says that the support and genuine love the family shares make them unique. “My family has been there every step of the way,” Christopher says. “I’m grateful to have an almost 9-year-old, and it’s a blessing to have his mother, who is just the greatest mom I could ask for. Of course, I’m so grateful to my grandpa, my sisters, my real friends, my church, and my family in New Orleans. I’m just blessed!”

When Christopher isn’t working, he loves to just enjoy music and some of his other hobbies. “I love shopping, being around positive people, and fixing up cars,” Christopher says. “What makes me unique is that I love being me!”

In his business, Christopher says that having integrity and trusting in God is important. “I would say to trust God first and never let anyone discourage you,” Christopher says. 

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