Communications Coordinator for the Liberty-Eylau Independent School District

Earl Gill, Communications Coordinator for the Liberty-Eylau Independent School District (LEISD), believes that the most important part of his job is engaging with people and making sure LEISD is getting newsworthy attention through all platforms and outlets. “I spend a lot of my free time considering more ways to be effective with marketing,” Earl says. “I want to be able to use all avenues available to make LEISD as attractive to potential parents in our community as possible.”

Two issues that Earl wants to improve in our community are child hunger and children’s literacy. “I feel very strongly about both of these issues. It saddens me to know that sometimes kids in our community are not eating. Studies have shown a direct correlation between food insecurity and a child’s development,” Earl says. “I also own a non-profit organization called Arkansas Elite 100. We use football as a driving force for families to pay for college. I’m a firm believer that education defeats poverty every single time.”

Earl is driven each day by the desire to be the best husband and man possible. “I want to be an example for young men in my community, that with consistency and goals, anything is obtainable,” Earl says. “My motivation comes from knowing how extremely blessed I am and also, how much responsibility comes with my blessings.” 

Earl is married to Miche’le, and he says that she’s really the boss. “She’ll always keep it real. Plus, she is someone who tells me what I need to hear, no matter the situation,” Earl says. “She helps me a lot, especially when I’m on the fence with things.”

No matter what he is facing in life, Earl knows that he can count on Miche’le and his mother, sister, and grandmother to support him. “These women mean the absolute most to me. I know I can get whatever I need spiritually, physically, and emotionally from those four women in my immediate family,” Earl says. “I lean on them for advice and also for a different outlook when I feel I may be addressing a certain topic the wrong way. They hold me accountable and talk to me to get my attention in ways most can’t.”

In the future, Earl hopes to become a father. He also plans to continue staying healthy in his daily fight with diabetes. He hopes that people remember him for caring about his wife, family, and all the people that he comes in contact with. His career goal is to give his all to Liberty-Eylau and his job each day. “My advice is to always stay true to your personal morale and never waver from that,” Earl says. “I try to think of every situation from someone’s point of view other than my own. Always be quick to listen and slow to speak.”

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