District Literacy Coordinator for Pleasant Grove ISD

Kristi DeLoach became interested in education while attending the University of Arkansas. When working to complete her master’s degree, she studied the science behind teaching children how to read, and she completed a year-long student teaching assignment in Springdale Public Schools. “I was astounded by the amount of students that struggled to read and was inspired by the educators that worked tirelessly to build relationships with children and provide the gift of reading to each and every child they impacted daily,” Kristi says. “I knew then that my mission would be to inspire children to obtain a love for reading.” 

Kristi’s excitement for teaching children to read progressed into her own classroom and career. She continued to learn and research best practices for literacy instruction. “Now, my dream of growing a love for reading in children spans from ages 4-18,” Kristi says. “I am honored to be able to support teachers in providing the best literacy instruction for their students. Being in this position to have an impact on so many students is truly a dream come true!”

When teachers and students share their excitement for learning, it inspires Kristi to continue her mission. “The collective responsibility of student learning that we share as educators in Pleasant Grove ISD is unmatched. ‘All of our kids are all of OUR kids!’” Kristi says. “Our mission in Pleasant Grove ISD is to ensure high levels of learning for all students. Working collaboratively with my peers to ensure a love of reading for all students definitely drives me to continue leading the charge to ensure high levels of literacy success for all students.” 

Kristi believes that advocating for children is the most important aspect of her career. “If we are not doing right by kids, then we are doing the wrong work,” Kristi says. 

Though she has had several accomplishments at work, Kristi believes her greatest achievement is her family. Kristi and her husband, Stephen, have 6-year old twins, Bryce and Savannah. However, the couple struggled with infertility for several years. They were blessed with their twins on round two of IVF. “Those four years were very hard. My husband and I had to rely on our faith in God to get us through,” Kristi says. “Every time I see the smiles on Bryce and Savannah’s faces, I am reminded of what true blessings children are and how thankful I am that God trusts me to be their mom. Watching them grow and being their mom makes me so proud!”

Stephen and Kristi are both from Magnolia, Arkansas. They love their hometown and all their memories from growing up there, but they moved to Texarkana in 2009. “We have made many great friends here, and Texarkana truly feels like home now. When I started working in Pleasant Grove in 2019, I knew it was where I was always meant to be,” Kristi says. “The small community feeling in our district reminds my husband and I of how we grew up in Magnolia. It is so important to us that Bryce and Savannah have the opportunity to be a part of this ‘family first’ community.”

The twins started kindergarten this year, and Kristi has been amazed at how much they have learned and grown. Though they have always been right by each other’s sides, their individual personalities are really starting to show. “Savannah is really into dance. She takes jazz, tap, and ballet at Red Door Dance Academy. Bryce loves sports! He recently started a class at Wacha Resolutions, and coach Wacha is Bryce’s new ‘best friend,’” Kristi says. “Our family also loves everything Hogs, from calling the Hogs at home when watching baseball to going to the games in Fayetteville. Bryce and Savannah have no choice but to be Razorback fans!”  

Kristi models her own parenting style from her family’s support she received growing up. Kristi’s parents, Ken and Gail Miller, taught Kristi so much about the importance of treating people with kindness. Ken ran a local pharmacy, and Gail had an insurance agency. “They both worked with people every day. Watching their love for the people of our small town made me the compassionate person I am today. I am so grateful for them!” Kristi says. “Also, my sister, Melinda Henry, has always been my role model. She has never met a challenge that she didn’t face with a solution mindset. She is always the hardest worker and most positive person in the room. I have learned so much from her. She continues to be my loudest cheerleader in everything that I do!” 

Kristi’s long-term goals include continuing to positively work to influence adults and children in the aspects of literacy.” I want to be remembered for a positive impact on both students and teachers. Teaching, in my opinion, is one of the most challenging professions there is today,” Kristi says. “I want to be remembered as being committed to what is right for educators and especially the students they serve.” 

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