Senior at Texas High School

Olivia Grace George is currently a senior at Texas High School. She transferred to Texarkana Independent School District in the 6th grade. “My parents and I were impressed with all that TISD had to offer their students and the vast diversity of the student body. I’m forever grateful that I moved when I did,” Olivia Grace says. “All the other students in the various TISD elementary schools merged in the sixth grade, so no one really even noticed that I was the ‘new kid.’ I have thoroughly loved my seven years with TISD, and I’m proud to be a part of the Tiger Family. Once a Tiger, always a Tiger!”

Even though she is only a senior in high school, Olivia Grace already has many accomplishments to be proud of. This year, she serves as the Captain of the Texas HighSteppers, Senior Class Treasurer, President of Rosebuds, Managing Editor of Texas High Yearbook, a member of National Honor Society, Teach TISD, American Sign Language Honor Society, THS Thespian Society, and Quill and Scroll. “I was also very blessed to have been cast in the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Texarkana Community Ballet 2021 production of the Nutcracker,” Olivia Grace says. 

Olivia Grace is also involved in the Texarkana community. She wants to be remembered for her character and her service to others. “I am a member of Richmond Road Baptist Church. I have been a member of Texarkana Community Ballet for the last ten years,” Olivia Grace says. “I have also volunteered with several local organizations like Runnin W J Ranch, Friendship Center, Mission Texarkana, Harvest Food Bank, Williams Methodist Church, Race for a Cure, CASA Color Run, Out of the Darkness, and Phone Pros Community Events. My most favorite community service project that I’m currently working on is making homemade bread for Mission Texarkana!”

In May, Olivia Grace will proudly graduate from THS with over 900 hours of community service. She says that many of those hours were opportunities provided to her through Texas High and the Miss Texas Organization. “I’m so passionate about community service that I even designed a community service website as my independent research project my junior year,” Olivia Grace says. 

Olivia Grace doesn’t have much free time with all of her community and school activities. She is a busy senior filling out college applications, touring colleges, and applying for scholarships, all while taking a full load of dual credit classes. But she would not have it any other way. “I love to stay busy, and I’m always going! Though, when I’m not dancing or doing homework or getting ready for college, I love to be outside!” Olivia Grace says. “I love hunting and fishing, and I also collect vinyl records. My favorite records are my Pasty Cline vinyls.”

Though Olivia Grace is both mature and focused, she makes mistakes like every one of us. She says that her most embarrassing moment occurred last summer when she sliced her ankle open with a blade from a blender! “I had to get five stitches and was on a scooter for over a month!” Olivia Grace says. “Public service announcement: be sure to take the blade out before you pour your smoothie.”

Through all of her community service hours and obligations at school, Olivia says that her family supports her no matter what she wants to do. “Whether it be T-ball, theater, singing, dance, cheer, gymnastics, modeling, starting my own business, or even Jiu-Jitsu my family has been there every step of the way,” Olivia Grace says. “I always want to do everything to the best of my ability. I want to look back on what I do and know I gave it my all. And gave all the glory to God. I think of Colossians 3:17, “And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.” 

Though she has a lot to be thankful for, life has not always been easy. Olivia has struggled with letting people’s opinions get to her in the past. “Like so many young girls, I would let their thoughts and opinions shape who I thought I was supposed to be instead of who God designed me to be. Eventually, I learned that God’s opinion is the only one that matters,” Olivia Grace says. “I have learned not to let the negativity get in my head and to focus on the positive and rest in peace that I’m doing what He has planned for me.”

Olivia’s next big goal is to graduate in May with her associate’s degree, and she plans to attend Louisiana Tech in the fall of 2022, where she will major in elementary education. “My advice for others is always to work hard. Never give up. Be yourself, and do what makes you happy!” Olivia Grace says. “Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks or says about you. As long as you’re focused on the path God has set out for you, no one can distract you.”

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