Director of Marketing, Vice President at Farmers Bank & Trust

When Rachael shows up to work at Farmers Bank & Trust, she knows that no two days will be the same. “I live a pretty crazy schedule that changes daily, which is the way I thrive! Something different inspires and drives me every day depending on what is going on,” Rachael says. “Also, starting and completing the day with my husband and daughter is always the best piece.”

It has always been important for Rachael to work for a company with strong core values, ones exactly like Farms Bank & Trust’s “HEART” core values. “HEART stands for Honor, Excellence, Adaptability, Respect, Teamwork. These values guide all our decisions to be a bank that has a strong vision to grow within communities, help communities, and grow team members,” Rachael says. 

Rachael is extremely proud to have been a part of four acquisitions at Farmers Bank & Trust. “Each one is memorable because of the hard work each requires, yet they are all very rewarding as we bring a new community and team into the Farmers Bank & Trust family,” Rachael says. “There is nothing more exciting than a new acquisition announcement!”

Professionally, Rachael is extremely proud of helping Farmers Bank & Trust triple in size in eight years. However, she is also proud of her personal accomplishments. “I have completed my BBA, MBA, and CFMP certification,” Rachael says. “Then, I am so proud of my awesome family. I have been married to Josh Potter since 2017; he works at the Potter Law Firm. We welcomed Alice into our family in July 2020.”

Rachael and Josh had a pandemic baby, which meant only the two were allowed at the hospital. “Josh and I both come from large families that make all holidays and big events very fun,” Rachael says. “We had over 120 family members to invite to our wedding, so welcoming a baby into the world with just us two was very unusual for us.”

Becoming a mom has changed many elements in Rachael’s daily practices and mindset. “I have always had a very supportive family. As a working mom, I have had to rely on my family more than ever before. We are very lucky to have so many family members that live in Texarkana and can constantly support us when we need it,” Rachael says. “In the past few years, I have really worked to not say ‘no’ at work. I have learned there is usually a ‘yes’ in every situation if I think positively and creatively.”

Rachael looks up to the example set by her grandparents, Nancy and Shirl McCoy. “They have been married for 60 years and still manage an active, healthy lifestyle in their 80’s. All great things to aim for!” Rachael says. 

The best advice that Rachael has ever received was said by her mom, and many of us have heard it as well. “She always said, ‘Life isn’t fair,’ Rachael says. “As I get older, I understand that it is better to understand that and move forward positively in order to enjoy each day. The advice I give others is to always prioritize reading and exercise, which can either solve or prevent most problems.” 

When Rachael has some free time, she enjoys traveling or planning travel. “Other hobbies include working on Peloton classes, reading, and keeping up with the Arkansas Razorbacks,” Rachael says. “I was a twirler at the University of Arkansas during the 2005-2008 football seasons. I still taught baton twirling until I became pregnant with Alice in 2019!”

Rachael is also involved in the Texarkana community. She currently serves on the board of directors for Eagle Impact at Texas A&M University- Texarkana, Leadership Texarkana, and CASA Women of Hope and Courage. She is a member of the Kiwanis Club of Greater Texarkana, Ashdown Church of Christ, and First United Methodist Church Wednesday night Bible study. She also served on the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Conference Committee for the past two years and is a member of the current Leadership Arkansas Class XVI (graduate May 2022). “Since I am currently in the Leadership Arkansas class, I’m learning more and finding new passions as we go along. I look forward to involving myself in new interests when the class is over,” Rachael says. “I do hope Texarkana manages to still have minimal traffic yet still have thriving, high-quality businesses and restaurants to improve our quality of life throughout.”  

Through it all, Rachael wants to be remembered for “getting things done and having fun along the way.” She also has long-term professional and personal goals. “I want to continue to work at Farmers Bank & Trust and make an impact on the company’s vision for the future,” Rachael says. “Also, I want to continue to raise a family and enjoy life in Texarkana!”

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