Amy Lemley and Hannah Lemley

Amy Lemley and daughter, Hannah Lemley

Years ago, when Amy Lemley, Executive Director of HandsOn Texarkana, found out she was pregnant with a girl, she wanted to choose a name fitting all the dreams and hopes she had for her. “I chose Hannah because Hannah has biblical ties meaning ‘favor’ or ‘grace’ as in ‘God has favored me,’” Amy says. “I wanted my daughter to be well rooted in God’s favor.”

Growing up, Amy says that Hannah has always been a somewhat shy and quiet person, but Hannah also has a take-charge personality. “Her skills at organization and leadership have been evident from the very beginning,” Amy says. “She is a perfect mixture of quiet and outgoing. She knows what she stands for and isn’t afraid to make tough choices but also has a heart of gold and is the most reliable, helpful, sweet, and caring person out there. She’s pretty awesome!” 

One of Amy’s favorite memories of her daughter is when she watched her walk out on the field as part of the homecoming court her senior year. “This is when I realized she had transitioned into a woman from a young girl. Her high school years were coming to an end and adulthood was right around the corner,” Amy says. “Her strength and determination always makes me proud. Now she is 22 years old, and she shows so much work ethic, responsibility, and maturity, even at her young age. We are so proud of the young lady she has grown into and enjoy watching her spread her wings as an adult.”

Hannah is currently a Member Service Representative (MSR) at Farm Bureau Insurance Company, and when she thinks back to her childhood, she remembers her mom as a “fun mom” who always tried to provide art projects, bake desserts, and other activities. Hannah also relishes the memories of her shopping trips with her mom, which is something they still enjoy doing together. “Whether it’s for groceries or clothes, shopping is our thing to do and where we make a lot of our memories together,” Hannah says. “We talk about all kinds of things and share a lot of laughs!”

Hannah is most proud of her mom for both the way she overcomes the hardships in life and her dedication to her family. “She is very hardworking, supportive, compassionate, and always has a positive outlook on life! But most of all, I love that I can come to her with anything at any time and she always seems to have the right answer for me,” Hannah says. “She is such an incredible woman, mom, and friend and that is what makes her so special!”

Hannah looks forward to many memories with Amy, but specifically, Hannah is excited about experiencing her wedding day with Amy and seeing how great of a grandmother she will be one day. “Mom has influenced my life in so many different ways,” Hannah says. “She has taught me how to become a woman. She has taught me to be graceful and forgiving, but most importantly, she has taught me how to be a great mom and wife for my future husband and children.”

Amy is also excited about the future with her daughter as they navigate life changes together. “I am most excited to watch her become a wife and mother and to be there to offer support when needed. I’m looking forward to when she is creating her own family, and I become a grandmother,” Amy says. “I know she will be a wonderful wife and when the time comes, a great mom, and I can’t wait to experience this next stage of life with her.” 

Questions for Mom, Amy Lemley

1. What is your favorite thing about your daughter? 

Her heart for helping people. She is always there to help in any way needed. 

2. What is one thing that you see in your daughter that you wish she could see in herself? 

Her confidence and ability to take on the world without fear.

3. What advice do you have for young mothers of daughters? 

To show love and grace to them at all times, especially through the teenage years, and give them the opportunity to express their feelings. Life is hard, and we need to show our girls it’s ok to have bad days, but those days don’t last, and there are plenty of great days coming. Raising strong daughters is all about teaching and leading by example how to balance the ups and downs of life. Love her, cry with her, laugh with her, and cherish her. Growing from parent into friend is one of the most rewarding parts.. 

Questions for Daughter, Hannah Lemley 

1. What is her personality like today? Do you have a story that exemplifies what she is like? If so, please share it.

She is very friendly, respectful of others, and shy but can be outgoing and funny at times. She also likes to enjoy quiet time at home.

2. What is one thing that you see in your mother that you wish she could see in herself?

I wish she could see the beauty and kindness in herself and how gentle she is. She would help anybody who needed it, which I love most about her.

3. What advice do you have for daughters about navigating a good mother/daughter relationship?

Show her gratitude. Appreciate her being your mom and the role she plays in your life. Dedicate your time to her even though it can be difficult sometimes as an adult. Don’t get too busy to spend quality time with her, whether it’s going to eat, running errands, or just sitting at the house visiting with her. 

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