Diane Tyler and Molly Kendrick

Diane Tyler and daughter, Molly Kendrick

One of the best aspects of a mother-daughter duo is all the memories you make along the way. Built-in best friends Diane Tyler and Molly Kendrick have supported each other through the good and the bad and made some amazing memories. “My favorite thing about my mom, Diane, is that she is the best supporter you can have in your corner. Nothing keeps her down long and always finds the positive in any situation,” Molly says. “She always has my back, and I’ll always have hers!”

When Molly Kendrick, owner of Golden Hour Photography Studio, thinks back on her childhood, the memories that stand out are always of her exciting and outgoing mother, Diane Tyler. Molly says that Diane always knew the best places to have fun and that they were always doing something new. One of her favorite memories is a trip to visit Molly’s aunt, who lives in New York City. “The experience was so unique and organic for both of us. A bit of a culture shock really, but I enjoyed every second of that trip with her,” Molly says. “Mom still has a huge personality but is more of a homebody now. She loves to spend time with my daughter, Maddie, and always wants to hear all the details of our family travels now!”

Diane, with daughters Mollie and Maggie.  Maggie was tragically killed in an automobile accident in 2013. In her 19 years on this earth, she was a strong young woman, with a passion to do wonderful things with her life. We all miss her every day.

One of Diane’s favorite memories of her daughter is when she was Molly’s 5th-grade teacher and had to send her to detention for not doing her homework. Diane has worked in education for many years and is currently an administrator for Liberty Eylau’s School of Success campus. Another favorite was when Molly dressed up as Steve Irwin for Halloween. “She came through the hallway very nonchalantly with a stuffed or rubber snake and said, ‘This sniiike iz the lawrgist sniiike in the werld. One bite and I’d be dunfowr.’ That’s the best I can try to write with an Australian accent, but that’s how she said it!” Diane says. “It was out of nowhere and cracked us all up. Molly has always had a great sense of humor and was, and is still, very witty. She had a knack for saying the funniest things at the perfect time even at a young age.” 

Now, Diane and Molly are making new memories as Diane has been able to help mentor Molly through becoming a mother herself. “Molly is the best momma to her daughter, my granddaughter, Madeline (Maddie). That makes me the most proud of anything she has achieved,” Diane says. “Molly always encourages Maddie to be independent, and she truly is.” 

Though Molly knows that her mom has been a major influence on her life in many ways, it has really come to the forefront as Diane helped Molly navigate motherhood. “When I’m in full panic mode, she is a voice of reason. She has the experience of raising two babies, and I rely on her a lot because of that,” Molly says. “I look forward to the memories we will make watching Maddie grow up. We have so many amazing years to look forward to. This is just the beginning.”

Questions for Mom, Diane Tyler

1. What is your favorite thing about your daughter? 

 I love that when she sets her mind to something, she goes for it and pretty much takes NO for an answer, which can also be tough to deal with, but she is very driven. To her, a “maybe” means “yes” and a “no” means “maybe,” but “NO” is never a “NO.” 

2. What is one thing that you see in your daughter that you wish she could see in herself?  

She is fearless! I see that in her, and I want her to see that she has accomplished so much at a young age, things that require great courage! In just the last 18 months, she had a baby, started a business, joined a horse riding club, and all during the center of the 2020 pandemic. She takes great care of herself, her family, and her business.

3. What advice do you have for young mothers of daughters?  

I really had to think about this one. I look at a four-generation picture of my mother, myself, Molly, and Maddie and the almost 80-year period of time with all different factors and influences. But, specifically to young mothers of daughters, I would say to raise them and love them for the individual that they are, and not worry or feel guilty that they “fit” into a stereotype of what society says, what family traditions say, or because it “has always been done this way.” Guide them, do your best and let God do the rest!

Questions for Daughter, Molly Kendrick  

1. What makes you proud of your mother? 

I’m most proud of my mom for all she’s been able to accomplish as a mother. Since having her own children, she’s gotten multiple graduate degrees and has continued to climb the ladder in her career. As a new mom myself, it’s hard to imagine getting even the smallest tasks accomplished, much less climbing the mountains that she has. She’s pretty amazing!

2. What is one thing that you see in your mother that you wish she could see in herself? 

My mother has more resilience than anyone I’ve ever met. She is a survivor. I know she knows that she is, but I wish she knew how much it shows.

3. What advice do you have for daughters about navigating a good mother/daughter relationship? 

My advice to anyone navigating a mother/daughter relationship is never to be too hard on each other. And just because your DNA is the same doesn’t mean your lives are. Being open and honest with each other will undoubtedly grow a beautiful mother/daughter relationship, a bond that is impossible to break.

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