Jeanna Rogers and Tara Buono

Jeanna Rogers, and daughter, Tara Buono

When Jeanna Rogers, co-owner of Rogers Construction, Rogers Real Estate Holdings, and Servicemaster Restore, thinks about what her daughter, Tara, was like growing up, she thinks about their trip to Disney World. “Tara was only six-years-old, and it was incredible to see the joy and excitement through her eyes as all of her favorite Disney characters came to life,” Jeanna says. “It definitely was magical.”

Jeanna also thinks about Tara’s silly side. Tara was always laughing, and she loved to perform and dance in front of family and friends. “Today, she is still that silly girl but in a very creative way. She started a fashion blog to express herself, share things that make her happy, and also help others who may need a little guidance in the fashion category,” Jeanna says. “Her sense of humor allows her to create funny videos and reels to share on her Instagram page. But of course there is also a vulnerable side that comes with being a mom, wife, daughter and friend; however, having a platform to express all of these things publicly, good or bad, can have a healing effect for her.”

Even from a young age, it was apparent that Tara was kind-hearted and had a strong moral compass. Jeanna was once told by one of Tara’s elementary teachers that Jeanna should be proud of Tara’s caring attitude and thoughtfulness to others. “She said that Tara would reach out and befriend those that may not fit into the ‘popular’ crowd. Hearing that really warmed my heart,” Jeanna says. “I also remember one time on the beach where there were a lot of jellyfish in the ocean and folks were scooping them up and throwing them on the sand. She felt sorry for them and kept scooping them back up with her sand toys and putting them back into the ocean.”

Jeanna says that Tara is still the same big-hearted girl today. “She is so caring and nurturing to her family and friends, most of all,” Jeanna says. “But I’m also proud of her courage. She has had to make leaps of faith even when I know she was terrified.” 

Jeanna says that she wishes that her daughter could recognize her own incredible strength. Ironically, Tara, a fashion blogger who currently lives in New Jersey, admires this same trait in her mother. “I am so proud of her strength. I never knew how challenging motherhood could be until I became a mom myself. When looking back at how my mom raised me, obstacles she has overcome, and the sacrifices she made to get where she is today, it’s so inspiring because she made it all look easy and almost effortless,” Tara says. “She still does it to this day, and I’m still taking notes trying to figure out her secret!”

When Tara thinks about her childhood, she remembers that Jeanna was so incredibly determined and hardworking. But, she had a creative side as well. Tara remembers making matching sweatshirts with appliqués and puffy paint for Jeanna, Tara, and Tara’s grandmother. “I loved getting to do that with her, even if my puffy paint skills weren’t always up to par!” Tara says. “My mom was always extremely loving and attentive, but what sticks out most in my mind is how hard she worked. I’ll never forget when she was preparing to take the Series 7, she would take breaks from studying to make dinner for me and then get right back to the books. I was in junior high so I could have made my own dinner, but her nurturing side never would have allowed that. She was determined to reach her goals, but she was always mom first!”

Tara says that Jeanna continues to be hardworking and loving and has a genuine desire to take care of the ones she loves. “When she comes to visit us in New Jersey, her grandbabies may try to steal all of her attention, but she still notices if I don’t get a chance to eat much and will have a sandwich ready at the drop of a hat!” Tara says. “She’s also a saint with always helping me get caught up on laundry, and any mom knows that’s worth its weight in gold!”

One of Tara’s other favorite memories of her mom includes a special photoshoot that the two were able to experience in New York with Tara’s daughter, Ella. “We got to walk around the city and take in all the sights together,” Tara says. “I love that those memories were captured in such a beautiful way so that we can always look back on them and relive that special weekend!”

Tara wishes that her mom could see how incredible she is. Tara says that everything Jeanna does, she does it with total dedication and heart. Jeanna may not even really know the impact she is making on those around her, but Tara thinks it’s a perfect testament to her humility, something she really admires and appreciates. “She truly laid the foundation for who I am today,” Tara says. “She taught me to fight hard for the things I want, and to love even harder. She taught me to never settle for mediocrity or take the easy route. The lessons she has taught me have given me the strength and courage to get through some tough life lessons that would have felt impossible to tackle without her guidance. I pray that I can be half the mother she has always been to me.”

Questions for Mom, Jeanna Rogers

1. How did you choose your daughter’s name?

 It was inspired by the Tara Plantation from Gone with the Wind.

2. What is your favorite thing about your daughter? That she has always remained grounded and connected to her southern roots. And, of course, it is also fun to watch her on social media. She teaches me so many things!

3. What advice do you have for young mothers of daughters?

Teach them to be kind and respectful and instill in them that everything they do in their youth can follow them through their lives, so make good choices. And of course, give them hugs and kisses every day!  

Questions for Daughter, Tara Buono

1. What memories are you most looking forward to making with her?

Ella is in her first year of ballet and tap, so I’m excited to experience the world of dance together, now as mother and grandmother! The kids and I love going to their lake house when we visit, so those memories are something I look forward to for many years ahead. It reminds me so much of my childhood. I hope that one day we can do fashion week together, too!

2. What is your favorite thing about your mother? 

Her sense of humor. She uses some of the best old sayings at the perfect time, and her responses to things will crack me up! A true bonding moment for us these days is wheezing (literally) at something we both find hysterically funny. I love those moments!

3. What advice do you have for daughters about navigating a good mother/daughter relationship?

Just like with any relationship, communication is so important. As we get older, expectations and needs will evolve, but that’s how God intended it. When both mother and daughter understand that and evolve with it, you will come out stronger and closer than you ever thought possible. A mother’s love never waivers, and no action or circumstance can ever come between that.

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