Father: Paul Wadkins

Son: Nash Wadkins

When Paul Wadkins watches his son, Nash, pursue his passions and deal with frustrations, Paul sees so much of himself. Both Paul, who works in Logistics and Planning at Day and Zimmermann at Lone Star LLC, and Nash, who is a student at Red Lick Elementary, enjoy pistol marksmanship and spending time in the shop working on new projects. While Nash says that his favorite times are spent on the gun range, he is also really passionate about studying electrical engineering. “Nash spends most of his shop time wiring and testing alarm panels and emergency lighting systems. He and I both share a passion for learning new things and the frustration that comes with it,” Paul says. “I see so much of myself in him when I see him learning a new task. We both want it to come out perfect every time. Watching him learn, fail, and improve has really given me more insight about myself and how we both are so much alike.”

One thing that Nash really admires about Paul is that he works hard and studies to be better at what he is doing. “I want to be like that,” Nash says. “He also makes me proud because he takes really good care of our family.” 

Both father and son love to learn about new things together. Right now, Paul has been helping Nash learn more about firearms. “We spend quite a bit of our one-on-one time visiting gun shops and learning about different types of weapons and calibers,” Paul says. “Also, going to the hardware store is also one of our favorite activities; he is mesmerized by the electric aisle. You can see him working out wiring diagrams and systems setups in his head as he is staring at the various components.”

Another activity that Paul and Nash enjoy is traveling. The two love to visit family, but they also enjoy the times they get to explore woods or water. “My favorite memories with my dad are when we go on trips. He takes me to places like burial mounds, Petit Jean, and Siesta Key,” Nash says. “The memories that I look most forward to making are of us just being together.” 

Paul will never forget their family trip to Sunset Beach, North Carolina. “Watching my children stand on the sand and stare out at the ocean made me realize how much I take for granted,” Paul says. “I wanted to ask them what they were thinking right at that moment, but thought maybe those words have not come to them yet. They are still in awe whenever we go to the coast.”

Looking to the future, Paul is excited to watch Nash continue to grow his interests. Paul also wants to introduce Nash to new adventures like primitive camping and traveling to museums and historical locations that match his passions. Paul says that he is proud of Nash’s soft heart and concern for others. “He really loves people and animals. He is forever asking me what we can do to help those less fortunate,” Paul says. “Just this year, we talked about local charities and how we can help.”

While Paul does not feel like he is very qualified to advise other fathers, he can share one thing that he has learned over the years. “I’ve learned that patience, above all, is more precious than gold and harder to get,” Paul says. “You may forget some of the good times, maybe even some of the great times, but in those moments when you lose your patience, those will haunt you.

Questions for Dad, Paul Wadkins

What is one of your favorite memories of your son?

Choosing a favorite is tough. One day that stands out for me is the day he took his first steps. Nash was always determined and in a hurry when he was still crawling. That didn’t change when he started walking. When he took his first steps, he tried to run to play with his sister.

How are you and your son different from each other? 

Nash is a talker. He will talk you to exhaustion, which works out very well for us because I am not.                    

Questions for Son, Nash Wadkins

What is the best advice your dad has ever given you? 

Talk less, listen more, and turn out the lights when you leave a room.

What advice do you have for other young men about navigating a good father/son relationship? 

Spend as much time as you can with your dad. 

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