Father: Tony Langford

Sons: Colton, Drew, Maccauley, Kayson, Kaigen Griffin (Griff)

Tony Langford is an entrepreneur, but he is best known for his business, Tony Langford Roofing and Construction. When he is not working, Tony enjoys spending time with his five sons: Colton, Drew, Maccauley, Kayson, and Kaigen Griffin (Griff). “I have many great memories with my sons. I would say my favorites are going on one of our many trips. We also ‘baseball park chase,’ which means we travel the country and try to go to every baseball stadium,” Tony says. “We have visited 24 parks in three years, and we’ve attended two out of the last three World Series. We have seen many great sights, watched a lot of great baseball, and made many memories along the way!” 

This year, Tony and his sons should finish their tour; they only have eight stadiums left on their list. They plan to finish at Wrigley and travel Route 66 across the country to Los Angeles, just so they can say that they did it. “I feel it’s the best way to complete our little three-year adventure!” Tony says. “I very much look forward to it.” 

Tony says that his five boys have five very different personalities, so he tries to relate to each one and their separate interests. “I find what they like, and we go do it together. We may watch baseball, watch mixed martial arts (MMA), or explore historical sites. Some are intellectuals, and some are jocks, so I get to relate to my sons through a variety of things,” Tony says. “It doesn’t have to be my kind of thing to jump on a plane and go do it, but if it creates quality time with them, I’m ready to go!”

Colton Langford is a law student who will graduate soon and take the bar exam. Colton says that he works hard because his father’s strong work ethic has inspired him. “Some of the best advice my dad has given me is to keep on moving no matter what,” Colton says. “Whether you’re going through a good or bad time, it’s best to keep on moving forward. It’ll always work out in the end.” 

Drew Langford is a college student majoring in business and pitching for the baseball team. In his free time, he works for his father to help coach a 13U travel team. “One of my favorite memories of my father is being able to play baseball for him, and now coaching with him is something I really enjoy doing,” Drew says. “My dad is a hard worker and will do whatever it takes. His influence pushes me to work hard. There are a lot of excuses out there, but we were raised to ‘man up,’ no matter the situation.” 

Macauley Langford is also a college student majoring in business and playing baseball. Macauley enjoys spending time with Tony doing fun things, but it also gives Tony a chance to share his experiences and how those have influenced him. “Dad has taught me ways to do and not to do business. He really preaches from the mistakes he’s made through the years so that I can get there more smoothly than he did,” Macauley says. “He always tells me to not burn too many bridges, treat people with respect, and if you take care of people, they will usually return the favor.” 

Kayson Langford is a high school student and is also currently starting a business with his dad. Tony coached Kayson in baseball, which Kayson says is one of his favorite memories, even though it was not always easy. He also really enjoys all of their trips together. “I like traveling the world and seeing different places and cultures,” Kayson says. “I’m proud of my dad for the fact that he cares so much that all of us are on the right track and are successful in life, no matter what we choose to do.” 

Kaigen Griffin “Griff” Langford has also enjoyed having Tony coach him in baseball. His favorite memory is when they attended game four of the World Series in Washington. “We got to be on the Houston news,” Griff says. “I’m proud of my dad because he works hard.” 

Tony says that he is proud of his boys, and he appreciates their differences. “Colton’s a major intellectual; Drew is the definition of a jock – he can be hard-headed and stubborn. Macauley is completely opposite of his brother, Drew, and is very happy-go-lucky. Kayson is very business-minded and goal-oriented, and Griff is just Griff. He’s the baby, he’s soft-hearted, and his brothers are pretty protective over him,” Tony says. “With all that said, what makes me the proudest is that they are all good, young men. As with all young men, they can be difficult at times, but they are good humans!”

Tony’s advice for other fathers raising young kids is always to say what you mean and mean what you say. “You can be an authoritarian and still be their best friend. People say you can’t, but you can. Also, spend a lot of time together. Do things together, even if it’s just getting out to the lake, and do not try to buy them. They will not remember that. I know that from my childhood,” Tony says. “Consistency is also so important. Be the same person all the time and expect a lot from them. If you don’t expect anything, they tend not to expect much from themselves. But, the most important advice I have is to let your kids be themselves. Your kids will prosper!

Questions for Son, Colton Langford

What makes you proud of your dad? 

He has accomplished so much in his life. He has built his business up from nothing to one of the most successful businesses in town. Few have done what he has done with the resources available to him. He has used what he has gained for the benefit of his family and community.

What are your favorite memories with your dad? 

One of my favorite memories was going on a road trip from San Diego to Las Vegas and returning to Texarkana with him. We had flown to Los Angeles with the entire family, and then we all drove down to San Diego, but after a while, the rest of the family wanted to go back home. After they got on a plane, Dad and I rented a car and headed into the desert. It was one of the least restful, most fun things I’ve done, and I’m glad it was with dad. No dad is perfect, but a good dad tries his best with what he has and always keeps his son’s best interests at heart. A father and son may not always see eye to eye, but it’s good to keep this in mind.

Questions for Son, Drew Langford

What memories are you most looking forward to making with your dad?

To be honest, coaching my little brother with my father is what I look forward to the most. 

What advice do you have for other young men about navigating a good father/son relationship? 

My advice is to make good decisions and trust the process. Our father has been there and done that. Listen to each other.

Questions for Son, Macauley Langford

What makes you proud of your dad?

What makes me proud of my dad is how resilient he is. He has been through so much in life, and nothing phases him. He just grinds, no matter what, to make sure we will be comfortable. 

What are your favorite memories with your dad? 

My favorite memories are of my dad coaching me and teaching me the fundamentals of baseball. I also enjoy going to the movie theater with my dad. It’s something we often do. 

Questions for Son, Kayson Langford

In what ways has your dad influenced you?

He’s kept me on the right path growing up. My parents have always made sure I didn’t get into anything I wasn’t supposed to. He’s also influenced the way I think in terms of business.

What is the best advice your dad has ever given you? How do you use it in your life today?

Don’t care or worry about what other people have to say about you. He’s told me this a lot, but I still struggle with this. I just have to keep reminding myself that it really doesn’t matter what people say. Everyone has their own problems they have to deal with.

Questions for Son, Kaigen Langford

What’s the best advice your dad has ever given you? 

He teaches us not to be lazy and to man up even when we don’t feel like it.

What memories are you most looking forward to making with your dad? 

I’m looking forward to him seeing me graduate from college.

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