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It struck me the other day how much tackle is manufactured in China, Taiwan, and Japan. That fact got me thinking about what would happen if China invaded Taiwan or the USA embargoed China, and none of the scenarios were good.

Just like televisions, stereos, and a bunch of other stuff, most fishing tackle is made overseas and could be impacted by any number of supply problems like we are seeing right now in other areas. Even if the products make it on a ship to the U.S., the morons in California will cause them to sit on the docks for months.

It might be a wise thing to pick up some extra terminal tackle and maybe a few extra of your favorite baits “just in case,” if for no other reason than the headache inflation will cause. You don’t want to be walking down the street one day, and some random guy on the corner in a whisper goes, “Hey buddy, need some Lucky Crafts or how about a few hooks?” as he opens his trench coat showing you his stash.

Prices will go up, and supply will likely go down. No one wants to pay $40 for a Chugger, so be ready. If tackle gets high enough, I might be the guy in the dark alley in the trench coat looking to sell some tackle.

“Hey Buddy, need a nice Whopper Plopper?”

Mike Brower

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