23 Pleasant Grove High School Journalism Students Inducted into 2022 National Journalism Honor Roll

National Scholastic Press Association, the nation’s largest association for scholastic journalists, has inducted approximately 1,300 high-school scholars and student journalists into its 2022 Journalism Honor Roll.

“These outstanding students excel in both the classroom and in their school newsrooms,” associate director Gary Lundgren said. “The future of journalism is bright if these students are any indication.”

In addition to serving for at least two years on a high school student media staff, in broadcast, newspaper, magazine, online or yearbook, the students have earned a 3.5 or higher grade-point average on a 4.0 scale. Publication advisers and journalism instructors have nominated these students for the honor.

Senior inductees are eligible to compete for a $1,000 Honor Roll Scholarship, and NSPA will announce the scholarship winner in May.

All Honor Roll inductees will receive a certificate of recognition and will be listed in the association’s Best of the High School Press, a yearly publication showcasing the winners in the association’s student media competitions. Inductees are also eligible to wear a special honor cord at graduation.

Through education, training and recognition programs, NSPA promotes the standards and ethics of good journalism. Its educational programs, both on-site and virtual, train thousands of student journalists and advisers, and its awards programs include the Pacemaker Award, the nation’s preeminent publication honor.

Pleasant Grove High School, Texarkana, Texas

Ellie Anderson, The Hawk

Brock Bearden, The Edge

Brooks Beck, The Hawk

Lexi Carr, The Hawk

Kelsey Clark, The Hawk

Allie Forand, The Edge

Sarah Hale, The Edge

Jazmin Hever, The Edge

Andy Hilton, The Edge

Campbell Jackson, The Hawk

Kylee Jo Braley, The Hawk

Kendall Johnson, The Hawk

Jacob Jones, The Hawk

Linda Lee, The Hawk

Sadie Moore, The Hawk

Nistha Neupane, The Edge

Brooke Poe, The Hawk

Leslie Reyes, The Edge

Victoria Scoggins, The Hawk

Addison Simmons, The Edge

Lexi Snyder, The Hawk

Landry Trammel, The Hawk

Sydney Williams, The Edge

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