Dustin Stringer – Success Stories!

Financial Advisor, AAMS Owner of Stringer Wealth Management with Raymond James as our Broker-Dealer

Dustin Stringer had over ten years of professional experience in wealth management and financial planning before he dreamed of opening his practice. When he finally took the plunge in 2011, he admitted that it was scary to stand alone and take such a significant financial risk. However, it turned out to be one of the best decisions Dustin had ever made. “My leap of faith has taught me patience and consistency when chasing my dreams,” Dustin says. “To me, the definition of success is putting in the work and lots of it. Nothing happens overnight, or at least, it never did for me. I set yearly goals for myself and my office. This has kept me on track and kept my business on track. However, I feel there is always room for improving myself and my skill set, so once I meet my goal, I set another and another.” 

At Stringer Wealth Management, which is aligned with Raymond James, Dustin works with individuals and institutions to address their wealth management and financial planning needs. “This change allowed me to have the desired commitment to my clients rather than to a firm. The best advice I could give for success in this industry is, ‘Always do what’s best for the client,’” Dustin says. “Keep your integrity in check, stay humble, and always ask yourself, ‘Is this the right thing for my client?’ If you follow this golden rule, you will continue to be successful.”

Dustin says that his family is instrumental in his success. “They are my rock. My wife and son have been my biggest cheerleaders and a huge driving force in my achievements,” Dustin says. “Starting a business is a huge leap of faith, and I couldn’t have done it without their love and support.”

Dustin is now mentoring his assistant, Stacey, and helping her to become a financial advisor. She has been working with Dustin for ten years now, and Dustin says that she is very much ready to start her own book of business. “I tell her all the time that the only limitations to being successful are the ones you put on yourself! Stacey and I make a great working team, she handles our client relationships, and I handle the investing side of the business. We really are a dynamic duo!” Dustin says. “I am very proud of Stacey’s hard work and perseverance, and I am excited to see her excel in this business.”

Dustin’s short-term goals are to continue developing the business and individual relationships with their clients. “In many industries, customer service is a lost art. We value the fact that we are local, so clients can see us face-to-face without a 1-800 number to call,” Dustin says. “In our industry, markets are always changing, and we must continue to look for opportunities that benefit our clients, not only for investments but also through life decisions.” 

As for his long-term goals, Dustin is committed to continuing to grow relationships with his clients, increasing personnel that will bring new skills to the practice, and growing relationships for expanding the practice. “We are dedicated to having an additional financial advisor by developing Stacey’s experience in achieving her licensing requirements, which will allow us to add to our local support staff and better service our clients,” Dustin says. “I also hope to become a proficient pilot and eventually purchase a small aircraft. “This would allow us to service clients face-to-face in the many states we do business in.” 

The words of wisdom that have meant the most to Dustin throughout his journey would be not to be complacent or comfortable. Be proactive, not reactive. “These words ring very true in the financial world and my career as a whole,” Dustin says. “We continue looking for more opportunities to help streamline our business.”

Outside of the business, Dustin is an avid hunter and outdoorsman, and having a good work-life balance has contributed to his success. “Whether fly fishing streams, chasing largemouth and local lakes, or spending the weekend at camp with my son, it’s always relaxing and helps in relieving the day-to-day stresses. My church family has also been instrumental in my spiritual guidance throughout my career,” Dustin says. “As long as you stay focused, determined, and never give up on your dreams, you will be successful. Be patient and good things will happen!”

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