Torin Marracino – Success Stories!

Owner of Pleasant Grove Family Dentistry

Torin Marracino knows success can be viewed in many different ways. He knows that some people look at how much money or how active their business is as a way to see success, but Torin defines success by looking at the relationships a person has with their family. “I want to be a ‘present’ husband and father. I feel like my wife and daughter are the only ones who can acknowledge whether my life has been a success or not,” Torin says. “If I am the husband and daddy they needed, my life will be a success.”

Torin feels that marrying his wife, Michaelyn, and having their daughter are his greatest accomplishments. “I have no idea how I got so lucky. Every day I wake up and wonder why the good Lord blessed me so much when I got to marry my wife in 2018. Then, I have no words that can express my pride and love for our daughter,” Torin says. “I have a saying that I truly believe: Every man should have a daughter. It’s just magical, the bond that you have with them.”

Torin’s definition of success has changed tremendously over time. Growing up, he always thought of success as not living paycheck to paycheck. “As you mature, you realize that your friends and family could care less about how much you have and more about the person you are and the time you spend together,” Torin says. 

There are several people that Torin says have supported him on his journey to success, starting with his parents. They never liked seeing B’s on Torin’s report card, and they instilled the importance of school in him from an early age. He also credits Dr. James Kitchens with a strong influence on his life. “He has been a brother to me my entire life. He’s why I went into dentistry and passed many of the classes I had to take to get into and through dental school!” Torin says. “But, probably the biggest support in my life is my wife, Michaelyn. She’s my rock; my dry erase board to bounce ideas off; she’s everything to our family!” 

Torin lives by two main pieces of advice in his own life. First, surround yourself with like-minded people and stop with excuses. “The only thing excuses are good for is preventing you from accomplishing your goals,” Torin says. “Also, I had a professor tell me in dental school that ‘Failure is only an option to start over; this time more wisely.’ This has really stuck with me over the years.” 

Torin has learned a lot through the events in his life, and he hopes to share that wisdom with his daughter and coworkers. “I tell everyone my goal is to raise my daughter to walk with the Lord and have respect, morals, and ethics. So I feel like my experiences in life will be shared with her throughout her life,” Torin says. “Professionally, I hope to share much of my dental knowledge with Dr. Nick Cockerell, who joined our team in August of 2021.”

One of Torin’s long-term professional goals is to build his own dental building within the next few years. As for his personal goals, Torin wants to live life more like his wife. “When I look at how she lives her life, it makes me strive to become a better person,” Torin says. “Overall, no matter what I do, I always hope to improve myself for my family.” 

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  1. So proud of you. You have accomplished so many goals in life and have your life in order as it should be.

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