Tylesha Ross-Mosley – Success Stories!

Patient Access Manager for R1 RCM

Tylesha (Ty) Mosley currently works as patient access manager for R1 RCM, a contract company that handles hospital revenue. They are housed in the Paris Regional Medical Center. She also models for

Sister Babyz Boutique as their curvy model. For Ty, the definition of success comes down to two words: peace and contentment. She came to this realization after several setbacks in 2019 and 2020. “After relocating to Paris in 2019, my life took so many turns I couldn’t keep my head on straight. Moving from what I knew to a land of uncertainty, I had to find ways to cope,” Ty says. “I went into a major depression within the first few months I relocated.” 

During that time, Ty lost her beloved pet, her grandmother, and her two great uncles, had thyroid surgery, experienced the pandemic with the rest of the world, and was fired by the company that relocated her to Paris. “Those who know me know my work ethic and know when I do something, you can count on me to do just that. I had never experienced that level of hatred and betrayal from a company ever in my life. For almost a year, I lost myself,” Ty says. “So many had no clue what I was dealing with because I continued to be me through it all. Although I cried daily, I was still there for others. I tried to complete several things but couldn’t get it together. I was hurt.” 

However, in the midst of all of the hard times, Ty also met her now-husband, got engaged, bought a house, and got married. “One day, after talking to my husband, it finally hit me: God is still good no matter what my current reality looked like. There was no apparent lack in my life. I couldn’t go shopping as much as I wanted, but there was no lack. I began to look over my life at that very moment, and it hit me like a ton of bricks: I’m still blessed,” Ty says. “I began to use that time off from corporate America to focus on my health, mental and spiritual well-being. After soul searching, praying, crying, and therapy, I finally reached a level of peace and contentment.”

Through it all, Ty never lost her desire to help others, which motivated her to get more involved in her new community. This past year, she was able to team up with a local outreach to host Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. She also contributed to this organization’s fundraiser goals. “Even now, I continue to stay active in my community and strive to be a sounding board for those who may never get a chance to speak up,” Ty says. “I feel successful because I never gave up on myself even when the odds seemed too heavy against me. That may not sound like much to others, but when you have been so low that dirt covered you, that’s a major feat. So, with my chest poked out, I now say that I’m very accomplished and successful.” 

Like many others, Ty’s definition of success when she grew up centered around things like cars, houses, money, clout, and titles. It was easy to believe that if she didn’t have these things, she wasn’t successful, but her interpretation has changed over time. “Although it’s nice to have all those things, if you don’t have peace from it, it’s not worth it. I’ve witnessed so many people work themselves into an early grave. I’m all for hard work, but you must have a balance. One thing is certain: bills will always be there but not the ones you love the most. We all have an expiration date, so live your life and be happy in everything you do. If that career, house, car, spouse, or whatever it is, is stealing your peace of mind and joy, it’s too expensive to keep,” Ty says. “When my previous company fired me, I felt like a failure. I felt empty, but looking back over that time I was employed with them, the joy had left my life. I knew it was time to leave that place, but I was scared. I feel like God protected me from something coming down the line for them, so He had to shake things up for me to leave.”

Looking back, Ty says she can also see how strong the influence of God, her family, and her friends were during the most challenging times of her life. Even when she did not feel like trusting in God’s direction for her life, she says He still showed Himself to her. She knows God orchestrated her marriage with her “fur children’s” dad, Shanchez Mosley. “I had absolutely no desire to stay in Paris nor even get married at that point in my life, but I’m telling you, God worked everything out,” Ty says. “Also, my sisters, Monique and Tishara, have always been ‘Team Tylesha.’ They have always been my protectors, and I’m truly thankful for them. So many times, I would call them and cry, and they would let me. They also corrected me when I was wrong. Correction is a big thing when you’re trying to become successful. You must have someone who sees beyond what you see and stops you from making mistakes.”

Even though she didn’t tell many of her closest friends what she was going through, Ty says that many just continued encouraging her and checking on her. “They honestly kept me from drowning,” Ty says. “Cherish those in your life who want better for you. They’ll be the drive you’ll need to continue to move forward with your success. In times such as those, be sure your circle has your best interest at heart. They’ll push you when you can’t go any further.” 

Ty has several exciting plans and goals for the future to help share what she’s learned. One of her short-term goals is to complete something she has put on hold for over two years. She says she does not want to ruin the surprise but will reveal it all soon. Also, her long-term goals include continuing curvy modeling, representing more boutiques on a global level, and traveling the world more. “Life is precious and short. It’s time for me to live!” Ty says. “Never give up on yourself. You are and will be your biggest cheerleader. You will also be your biggest critic. Remember, it’s also never too late to try again. You can go back to school, you can start that business, you can get married, you can do whatever it is your heart desires as long as breath is in your body. It’s ok to stop and take a break, but whatever you do, don’t give up. Take time to reset, take time to have a pity party, even take the time to do other things, but when your heart keeps bringing you back to it, don’t let it go.”

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