Fish Tales With Mike Brower – I Got A Fever…

Every year, about the time we get the first good cold snap, some guys and girls here in the office start wanting to take off. Now, I’m pretty easy about taking off this time of the year as I love the outdoors and love to fish in the cool and cold weather, but the outdoor guys and girls here think they need to be creative about taking off. 

I hear lots of stuff, even though I don’t ask for a reason to take a vacation. Some call it a trip — a trip to deer camp. Some say they just need a day or two for mental health — need to reset their game cameras. Or some are going out of town — deer camp set up or going to put out crappie tops. Just out of curiosity I always ask “what’s going on?” just because I like to hear the reason. 

Just this month one person came to me with a leave request and it actually had a reason written on it. Being the person I am and not like Fredo Corleone — smart, not dumb like people say — I saw the reason. Going to see a 3rd cousin twice removed or something and knowing what time of year it was, I scratched it out and wrote in “deer fever,” signed it, and handed it back. She looked at me and said “busted” to which I replied “yes”, but I appreciate the effort. 

Hug a Hunter Part XVI 

While I’m on the hunting thing, be sure to hug a deer hunter. Many hunters are fishermen that hang up the rod and go to the woods to sit in a blind with heaters, refrigerators, recliners, and a tv keeping warm and dry while the real men are fishing in the wet, cold, windy weather. Those deer hunters leave more room for parking at the boat ramp and give us more room on the water. All bets are off when duck season rolls around as those guys run up and down the lake or river looking for birds and messing with the fishermen, but at least they are suffering with us. 

So, hug a deer hunter.

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