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Life After COVID

What is the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic? This enquiring mind wanted to know, so I went to my trusted friend Merriam-Webster which defines a pandemic as an outbreak of a disease that occurs over a wide geographic area and typically affects a significant proportion of the population.

An epidemic is defined as affecting a disproportionately large number of individuals within a population, community, or region simultaneously.

Never in my generation have we experienced shutting down the entire world.

During this time, we gained a new meaning of the word, ‘Science Data.’ Each new day brought a different statistic about the vaccine, the medical protocol, and whether masks protected from the virus. Some thought the N95 was the only one that gave proper protection, but they were impossible to find. It was a difficult time not knowing who or what to believe.

Grocery shelves were empty of everything from toilet paper to fresh meat. I have never seen so many empty shelves in my lifetime and hope never to see them again. Fresh beef, I can see hoarding, but toilet paper? I guess it is necessary since we no longer have a Sears-Roebuck catalog used in the outhouses of our grandparents. It was also impossible to find Lysol spray and hand sanitizer. 

My daughter lives in Manhattan. I was mailing her many items not to be found in the city. For her, it wasn’t safe to venture out into the neighborhood stores because the subways were shut down for a time.

Thank God for His protection, and her church, who donned masks, found Lysol spray and searched to find food and items needed, then delivered to their church members and others in need.

The city of New York did step forward to provide aid for those in the restaurant and entertainment business which comprise a big percentage of the people. These are not normally covered by unemployment insurance, but an exception was made to include them. Even after two years, Broadway is still recovering. Restaurants are struggling, and some businesses are closed permanently.

The life we knew before the pandemic is gone, and some will never return. 

This brings me to another topic. Who would have ever thought we would be forbidden to gather for worship and fined if we were caught? That happens in third-world countries, not America.

Our forefathers created this nation on Godly values, family, and compassion for our neighbors, but we have strayed from those ideals.

During this time, it became easy to sit in your pajamas and watch a service on television or online. But we need that interaction between Christian friends to grow and thrive.

While in lockdown, I learned to rely on a relationship with God, reading the Bible daily and listening to numerous devotional plans on the Bible app, YouVersion. It’s a habit I plan to continue.

I like to call it Scriptural Therapy During And After Covid!

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