Alexis Mayo – People to Watch in ’23

Sixth-grade Student at St. James Middle School and Miss Texarkana Cinderella

Alexis Mayo believes that success is a good thing; however, she does not think you have to be successful to be happy. “I think true success is being happy with your life, treating people nicely, and being together with your family,” Alexis says. 

This eleven-year-old sixth-grade student loves school at St. James Middle School, and while her short-term goal is to get good grades, she also dreams of becoming an actress. “I love theater, singing, dancing, and acting. I love the stage and entertaining people,” Alexis says. “I am involved in musicals at my school every year. Last year, I was JoJo in Seussical, and this year I am Nala in the Lion King. I’m also on our varsity tennis team that I love.”

Alexis is also involved in her church, Silvermoon Children’s Theatre, dance, and pageant activities. “I am proud that I was in the Miss Texas Cinderella pageant for the first time in June and got first runner-up (2nd place),” Alexis says. “Also, I am proud of my family band that I sing in with my mom and my brother. We recently made a live Facebook video singing Christmas music.”

Alexis is inspired by her friends and teachers. She is also inspired by her faith in Jesus because He makes her want to be a good person. But her family is her foundation, and each of her family members’ talents motivates and influences her daily. Her fourteen-year-old brother, David, can play any instrument and sing harmony on any song. “He is also very athletic and is awesome at golf, tennis, and ping pong. My mom, Stacy, is a great singer and actress, and she was Miss Texas in 2001. She is my inspiration, and I love doing chores with her,” Alexis says. “My dad, Ben, works at Mayo Manufacturing. His family owns it. I also have two dogs, Macy and Lucy, a rabbit named Rubin, and 16 chickens! I love my mom, dad, brother, grandparents, and cousins!”

Even though she is young, Alexis wants to be remembered for being a helpful person, a good friend, and a good family member. “I love helping others. I have received many ‘Caught Being Kind’ awards, which are given at chapel by teachers who caught me doing something nice or being helpful to others without being asked,” Alexis says. “I also hope people think of me as someone who made them smile.”

Fun Facts: 

● I am passionate about theater and musicals. I am listening to Matilda right now. 

● My comfort food is either the grilled cheese my mom makes for me, the broccoli dad makes in the oven, or anything sweet. I also love anything my grandmother makes me.

● Most people don’t know I love to bathe my dogs and give them haircuts. I would like to maybe be a veterinarian someday. 

● My hype song is “Roar” by Katy Perry. I like almost all of her songs. 

● My bucket list includes bungee jumping and surfing in the ocean. I surfed once in Hawaii, but I was young and would like to do it again, even bigger and better! 

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