Chase Brewster – People to Watch in ’23

Owner of Sticks Baseball, Head Coach of Sticks Baseball 17U Brewster/White Sox Scout Team

Chase Brewster loves having a job that allows him to help others every day. Through his work as Owner of Sticks Baseball, Head Coach of Sticks Baseball 17U Brewster, and a White Sox Scout Team member, Chase gets the opportunity to help players grow through their high school careers and recruit journey. “Whenever a group of players graduates, another group of freshmen sign up to replace the seniors who are leaving. This allows us to help over 400 players a year from over 20 states, and often our relationships with players continue as they go off to college and even after. For example, when my wife and I married, all five ushers were former Sticks players,” Chase says. “Most importantly, I get to influence and help improve baseball in Texarkana, a place that means so much to me as a Texas High alumni. Our relationships with Texarkana Gameday, the Texarkana Gazette, ALT Magazine, and other media outlets have helped highlight our local players as well. Also, I get to give jobs to a great group of coaches.”

Chase’s professional accomplishments include being a part of a coaching staff at Genoa Central that won two State Championships, five Regional Championships, and four Conference Championships in seven years. “Getting to work with Jonathan Gosdin, Kevin Huff, and TJ Cox has made me who I am today,” Chase says. 

Other accomplishments include being the first person in his family to graduate college and having the courage to start his own business. Since starting Sticks Baseball eight years ago, over 500 players have committed to playing college baseball, and 42 players have been drafted. They also had their first Sticks player, Logan O’Hoppe, play in the big leagues with the LAA Angels. In addition, the Sticks have been nationally ranked seven years in a row. Chase has also had the honor of being the Head Coach of the Chicago White Sox Scout Team. “This has been such a surreal experience. Anytime you can represent an MLB organization that is as respected as them, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” Chase says. “Then growing the business into other states, such as Sticks Southwest in Phoenix, Arizona, and Sticks Northeast in New York, New York, has been cool. Kameron Forte was the best man in my wedding, so starting Sticks Softball with him running it has been an unforgettable experience.”

Chase believes that anything you can be proud of is a success. They have lost games and tournaments, but Chase has been incredibly proud of how the players played and carried themselves. To him, that is a success. “On the other hand, we have won games that I was not necessarily proud of how we played. I was happy to win but would not consider that a success,” Chase says. “I want to be a part of something that every day we cannot wait to tell everyone how proud we are of what we did that day. Success is the little things in life that make each day worth it. So, I measure success by the proud moments I have and all the things I get to tell people that we have done that day, week, month, and year.”

Chase’s personal accomplishments have also been just as rewarding, and he is consistently inspired by his family. Chase, and his best friend, Alisha Morales, have been together for 14 years and married for three years. “I am married to my beautiful wife, Alisha, and we have the two best dogs you could ask for, Cooper and Drake,” Chase says. “My father, Dave Brewster, is the best man I know. He allowed me to live out my dreams and always encouraged me to do what other people thought was impossible. He never once told me something was unattainable, even when I knew he secretly thought it was. My brother, Dylan Brewster, has been a huge influence on me as well. He always lets me know I am not as famous as I think I am.” 

Looking to the future, Chase is excited for some of the new business ventures he is involved in outside of baseball. “The thing I love about getting older is growing and evolving as a person. For so long, baseball was 100% of my life; I could have never imagined being a part of business meetings in other subjects,” Chase says. “I have had the greatest mentor I could ever ask for in Steve Landers Jr., who has taught me so much, both on and off the field. He helped me see past what I thought was possible in the business world and set new goals for myself and my family. Hopefully, we can pass these goals and make new ones in 2023. Professionally, I hope we have more college commitments and MLB Drafts in the future than ever before. I hope for success and good health for everyone involved with the Sticks in 2023.” 

As Chase gets older, he wants to be a part of the change and help motivate and inspire others. “I am so blessed to have a job that allows me to stay involved in the Texarkana community through athletics with our local players. Texarkana has many people and coaches that set the example before me; I want to continue their example and help make Texarkana a better place, especially the baseball community,” Chase says. “Shane Halter, a former MLB player who graduated from Hooks High School, runs the Sticks youth program, so we get to touch many lives in Texarkana daily.” 

Part of Chase’s desire to help others comes from the influence of his high school coaches: Barry Norton, Scott Mennie, and Glenn Welch. “They all believed in me in high school before I ever believed in myself. I want to have that same belief in someone daily, and hopefully, they will take their opportunities and run with it as I did,” Chase says. “Believing in someone is a powerful thing. Hopefully, we can help hundreds of players get degrees by playing baseball in college, which will help them become more successful in life to be better husbands and fathers. Hopefully, they will return and invest in their communities and help promote change as well.”

Chase hopes his legacy is remembered as someone who helped inspire a younger generation to go after their goals and dreams. “Texarkana has had people run for President, act on Broadway, produce Grammy-winning songs, play in the NFL and MLB, participate in the Olympics, and so on,” Chase says. “Hopefully, one day someone will say, ‘If Chase Brewster could start Sticks Baseball from nothing, then why can’t I do ‘ABC’?”

Fun Facts: 

● I am passionate about anything baseball-related, especially Sticks and the Yankees.

● I am involved in the Texarkana community through amateur athletics and being a member of Oasis Church.

● My comfort food is golden Oreos.

● Most people don’t know I have a podcast called The Chase Brewster Show.

● My wedding song was “Speechless” by Dan + Shay.

● One thing on my bucket list is to meet John Calipari.

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