Kodi Morriss – People to Watch in ’23

Certified Personal Trainer and Head Trainer at Wacha Resolution Sports Training Facility

After completing her enlistment in the United States Marine Corps, Kodi Morriss started working as a physical trainer. The job allowed her to pursue her health and fitness passion and to be a present mother to her boys. Kodi is happily married to her husband of ten years, Michael Morriss, whom she met while they were both active-duty Marines. They have four boys: Landon (10), Lucas (9), Liam (7), and Lane Brady (3). “If we are not at the gym, you can find us at the batting cages or on a baseball field. The accomplishment I will always be most proud of is wearing the title of ‘Mom.’ My four boys mean the world to me, and there is nothing that I wouldn’t do for them,” Kodi says. “Next to this, earning the title of a United States Marine is something I hold close to my heart, and it’s something that can never be taken away from me.”

As a personal trainer, Kodi can watch her clients transform physically and mentally; sometimes, mental transformation is the most rewarding. “Some of my clients walk through the door of the gym for the first time, and the fear and insecurity shown through their body language are evident, but after a few sessions with me, they are walking in with smiles on their faces, ready to tackle anything I throw at them,” Kodi says. “My goal is to ensure that my clients can walk into any gym independently and be confident that they know what they are doing.”

Kodi is constantly setting new goals. She says that she is never satisfied or content with her current status, both personally and professionally. “I am determined to grow my personal training clientele and leave a lasting impact on Texarkana’s health and fitness community,” Kodi says. “I am always inspired by the fear of being average and driven by the fear of never reaching my full potential.” On the days that Kodi feels less than motivated, she reminds herself and her clients of just how lucky they are to have fully capable bodies to carry them through these workouts. “I am inspired by the drive and determination that my clients show up with, and if they don’t show up with it, it is my goal to instill it in them,” Kodi says.  

To Kodi, success is not measured by what a person has but by who they are and the legacy they leave behind. “My success is solely dependent on myself and my choices. If you want to be successful, be consistent,” Kodi says. “In the end, I want to be remembered for my drive and determination, not just for myself but my desire for everyone around me to want the same for themselves.” 

Fun Facts: 

• I am passionate about health and fitness.

•  I am involved in the Texarkana community by educating and assisting youth/adult athletes on the importance of physical fitness. I also provide workouts to people of all age groups to reduce disease and increase their quality of life. 

• My comfort food is ice cream.

•  Most people don’t know that I am afraid of the ocean, even after living in Hawaii for four years.

• My hype song is “Sail” by Awolnation.

• One thing on my bucket list is to watch a game at all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums.

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