Stacey Martin – People to Watch in ’23

Junior Associate at Stringer Wealth Management

While Stacey Martin was looking for a permanent position, a mutual friend told her to apply for an assistant position with Stringer Wealth Management. “I applied, and the rest is history,” Stacey says. “Since day one, my boss, Dustin, has been a great mentor and has helped me pursue more in this field. Now, I have just celebrated my 11th year with the company.”

In preparation for her future, Stacey is pursuing her goal of becoming a financial advisor with Stringer Wealth Management. She is currently taking and passing her upcoming FINRA Exams. “This will allow me to have my own book of business and to eventually be my own boss,” Stacey says. 

Stacey says that client relations is the best part of her job, and she is always trying to find new ways to be more proactive. “When it comes to our client accounts, details matter,” Stacey says. “The fine details make things run smoothly for our clients and our office. I learn something new daily, and getting to know your client should always be a give and take.” 

For Stacey, one of the keys to success is keeping the lines of communication open between herself and her clients. “Always listen and ask for feedback. I guess you could say I am a good listener,” Stacey says. “I want to be remembered as someone who always kept their word. This day and time, a handshake and your word doesn’t go very far.”

One of the accomplishments that Stacey is most proud of is the fact that she pursued her four-year degree while working full-time. “I kept a positive attitude, and I am most proud professionally and personally for obtaining it throughout my hardships,” Stacey says. “Your attitude has a great power because it determines most of what you experience each and every day of your life.”

Stacey is also proud of her family. She and her wife, Sandra Martin, just celebrated their 18th anniversary. “We also have a beautiful son, Keaton Martin, who turned seven years old in December,” Stacey says. “We love the outdoors and spending time with family and friends.”

As Stacey works on her upcoming goals, she stays motivated through several means. First, she looks to people who never gave up on their dreams. She also seeks spiritual guidance through prayers and daily devotionals. “Sometimes, a simple, positive, daily quote helps me stay motivated even when I want to give up,” Stacey says. “I also continually compare my past self to my present self. When I think about it this way, I don’t become stuck for too long, and I can keep striving to improve and do better.”

Fun Facts: 

● I am passionate about fishing. It helps me to get rid of my stress. 

● I am involved in the Texarkana community by coaching a U-8 soccer team. 

● My comfort food is any pasta or Italian food. 

● Most people don’t know that I am one-quarter Hispanic. 

● My hype song is “Higher Love” by Kygo and Whitney Houston. 

● One thing on my bucket list is to visit Spain. 

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