Adam Cox, O.D. 

Therapeutic Optometrist,

 Optometric Glaucoma Specialist

Dr. Adam Cox chose a career in optometry because he takes pride in helping people and increasing their quality of life. “I enjoy people, and it’s very rewarding to help people improve their vision and overall eye health,” Dr. Cox says. “Optometry also allows me to be a specialist in the health care community while owning a business and living and working in small-town America.”

Dr. Cox is happily married to his wife, Jennifer, and they have three children: Luke, 8; James, 4; and Olivia, 2. The family calls Atlanta, Texas, their home. Dr. Cox works daily to improve the community by providing superior eye care at one of the best optometry practices in Texas. “I work at one of the best optometry practices in the state of Texas. We constantly strive to ensure that Family Eye Care Clinic is the best and exceeds our patients’ expectations. Our practice will always stay on the cutting edge of technology with the latest instrumentation and continuing education for our doctors and staff.” 

In 2022, Dr. Cox was proud to be named Young Optometrist of the Year by the Texas Optometry Association. “A healthcare career provides us with a license to learn more. Every difficult case is an opportunity to learn more and better manage future patients,” Dr. Cox says. “It’s a fun job, and the more challenging the case, the better due to the great reward of finding a true solution for those complex patients.” 

Dr. Cox believes that high-quality healthcare truly improves a patient’s quality of life because he knows that the better a person feels, the more they can accomplish. “Seeing patients on return visits that have significantly improved inspires me every day,” Dr. Cox says. “I continue to be driven to find the best solutions for my patients’ eye health needs and see their satisfaction once they notice improvement.” 

In the future, Dr. Cox wants to continue to maintain and grow his practice by providing excellent care and individualized support. “Many healthcare professions, including my own, are moving toward a corporate model where the patient may come second,” Dr. Cox says. “I am blessed to own my own business where we can continue to put the patient’s needs first.” 

Fun Facts: 

1. I am passionate about the outdoors.

2. I am involved in the Texarkana community by serving as the Atlanta Area Chamber of Commerce Chairman. I am active at my Atlanta Methodist Church and coach my son in baseball. 

3. My best tip for staying healthy is, “Your well-being is directly related to what you put in the tank.”

4. If I could create a magical prescription drug, it would cure macular degeneration because being unable to read or see your grandchildren’s faces is depressing for my patients.

5. Most people don’t know that I am an Eagle Scout. 

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