Jimmy Owens

Nurse Practitioner 

Jimmy Owens grew up in Syracuse, New York, but he realized he wanted to pursue healthcare while working as a ski patroller in Colorado. “Part of the job was responding to medical calls on the mountain. We would hand off the patients at the bottom of the mountain to a small emergency room, and this experience sparked an interest in healthcare,” Jimmy says. “I wanted to know the next level of care those patients received.” 

For Jimmy, the best part of his job is meeting various community members. “It is great to be able to develop relationships with our patients, help them when they are acutely ill, and assist them in staying healthy with preventative care,” Jimmy says. 

One memorable experience Jimmy had in his career occurred outside of the office and hospital. In fact, Jimmy was at the local pool with his wife, Susan, and two daughters, Sallis and Emma, the greatest accomplishments of his life. On this particular day, Jimmy was reading while his two girls swam. Next thing he knew, Jimmy heard a scream, looked over, and saw a lifeguard helping a young boy out of the pool. “I ran over, found the boy unresponsive, and began CPR. After several minutes, he began to respond. He was transferred to a children’s hospital and, thankfully, was found to have no complications,” Jimmy says. “We have stayed in touch with the family since the incident. They will stop by to say ‘Hi,’ and our kids play together a couple of times a year. It reminds me what an impact we can have on the lives of those we care for.”

Jimmy believes that careers in healthcare are important because it is universally needed, yet many people need access to it. “I believe that the continued advancements in science and technology will bring exciting changes to healthcare and how it is delivered,” Jimmy says. “I am constantly inspired by the opportunity to help people live happy and healthy lives.”

In the future, Jimmy wants to continue to spend time and have fun with his family and friends. As far as his professional goals, Jimmy hopes to maintain and grow his practice. “I will continue to provide quality, patient-focused care, build relationships with each of my patients, and stay current with best practices,” Jimmy says.  

Fun Facts: 

1. I am passionate about my family, spending time outdoors, and music. 

2. My favorite place to eat in Texarkana is Gusanos, and I always order pizza.

3. The best tip I know for staying healthy is to keep active.  

4. If I could create a magical prescription drug, it would cure cancer because it affects many people.

5. Most people don’t know that I played lacrosse.

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