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Growing Up In The Twenties

2020 that is!  

I recently wrote a short story titled “Growing Up In The Fifties” and thought it was the best time to be a teenager, and I still do. My parents were raised in the Roaring Twenties and thought their time, even with the depression, was the good old days! Well, we recently uncovered a picture of my mom in her teens, and her dress hemline was above the knee—a stark difference from the settlers of the old west with long dresses and petticoats.  

Today, in 2023, we look at kids and think they are a lost generation, but ya know, I can remember that the adults in my day thought Elvis would bring us to ruin!  

But…here we are, successful grandparents who feel the same way about our grandchildren and their music, even in church! Today’s generation was brought up by successful parents who indulge their offspring in what they did not have as youngsters. Every generation has been guilty of this. I can remember when Polaroid cameras came out with the phenomenon of instant pictures, but today, technology has overcome the world! If they dream it, they can invent it! 

Kids today come out of the womb knowing about the Internet, “google,” and how to use a cell phone. I look back at my grandparents, who traveled in a horse and buggy, and think how awful – no cars with automatic drive, backup cameras, and air-conditioning – “What a Drag!” 

Our great-grandchildren will look at us and wonder how we survived without computers, cell phones, and text messaging. They will ask, “You had to pay big bucks for long-distance calls?” Their kids in the future will look at them and wonder how they could have traveled without time capsules, and who knows what other innovations may be coming down the pipeline! 

In 50 years, the next generation will look back at their growing-up years, think IT was the best, and marvel at our primitive vehicles compared to their space vehicles. Traveling to other planets may be as common as traveling to foreign countries.  

We cannot lose sight of teaching each generation the importance of love, respect, honesty, the sanctity of life, and faithfulness in marriage. 

We have our work cut out for us! 

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