Aubrie Kiser

Queen City High School

Aubrie Kiser has a clear vision for her future. After graduating from Queen City High School, she plans on attending Southern Arkansas University (SAU) to major in pre-veterinary medicine with a minor in engineering. “In 10 years, I see myself working in a veterinary clinic with other more experienced veterinarians to help build my knowledge of the field before starting my practice,” Aubrie says. “One day, I hope to open an animal hospital with the necessary emergency services for the surrounding areas. Then I would like to travel to animal centers around the globe to work with different species of animals that one can’t find here in America.” Aubrie has already been able to work towards her future goals at Queen City High School (QCHS), where she is on the veterinary medicine and trap shooting teams with her FFA chapter. “My school has supported me in many different ways; for example, my teachers have always helped me in any circumstance concerning my future and present. They have always supported my life goals and opened new opportunities for me to build a strong foundation for my future,” Aubrie says. “With college coming up and the endless amount of scholarships and forms I have to fill out, my teachers have helped me with the very stressful process of ensuring everything is filled out correctly and ready to send in. The support my teachers and the staff of QCHS have given me is out of this world.” 

At Queen City High School, Aubrie is a part of the varsity basketball, golf, and powerlifting teams. She has also been a National Honor Society member for two years and secretary for the National Honor Society for one year. She started as a Greenhand officer her freshman year and has served as treasurer for one year and chapter president for the past two years for the QCHS FFA chapter. Furthermore, Aubrie has served as an active member of the student council for three years, Interact Club for two years, and the school’s bass fishing team for five years. 

Aubrie’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Robinson, who pushed her out of her comfort zone and urged her to join the FFA organization and become an FFA officer. “She has constantly reminded me to be myself and not to let my anxiety get the best of me. You can say she has always been a personal therapist,” Aubrie says. “Without Mrs. Robinson, I would definitely not be the person I am today. I am very thankful to have had her throughout high school to be someone I can go to.”

Through all her activities, sports, and classes, Aubrie says that she has learned some fundamental lessons through high school, but the one that stands out the most is to look forward and not get stuck in the past. “I believe this is an essential thing to remember because there are things in life that I can not control or change after they have already happened,” Aubrie says. “This is important to remember in the future because I won’t always make a good grade or accomplish a goal I set for myself. Still, I can put it behind me and strive to improve for the next task.”

In her free time, Aubrie volunteers at Queen City First Baptist Church’s Awanas classes and helps coach a pee-wee girl’s basketball team. “Being involved in many different extracurriculars has taught me many leadership, time management, and communication skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my life,” Aubrie says. 

No matter the early start times of competition or late evenings of practices and games, Aubrie always has her family supporting her. Aubrie says that her mom and stepdad, Laini and Doug Simmons, and her dad and stepmom, Neal and Heather Kiser, have always encouraged her to follow her dreams, no matter how big or small. “They have always seen my potential and ensured I see it too. Throughout my life, they have given me every opportunity I could ask for,” Aubrie says. “Along with my parents, I have five siblings: Arri, Avie, Edie, Noah, and Olivia. We are all pretty close in age, which is helpful when I need to talk about specific situations or make a Sonic run to get away from all of the stress. I am very thankful to have such a caring family, for I have no idea where I would be without them.” 

Aubrie is especially inspired by the example her mom, Laini, set for her. “I have looked up to her since I was younger when it was just her and me. She has always found a way to support me and give me opportunities to grow and learn,” Aubrie says. “My mom has shown me how to show kindness to everyone in any situation, and she has shown me how much hard work can go a long way.”

Even though Aubrie Kiser has much to look forward to, the life-changing season of high school graduation and starting college can also be sad. Over the past month, she has realized everything she will leave behind when she heads to SAU in the fall. “I have already experienced a lot of ‘lasts,’ from my last basketball game to my last trap shooting competition. However, I will miss my family and friends the most,” Aubrie says. “It’s hard thinking that I will be leaving the people I see pretty much every day behind, but I know that if I ever need to come home to see them, I can, which brings me comfort.”

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