John Thomas Borowitz

Texas High School

John Thomas Borowitz will graduate from Texas High School in May, and while many seniors are questioning their future plans, John Thomas has his future mapped out. “In ten years, I see myself as a financial advisor in New York City. For the first decade out of college, I want to work on Wall Street before transitioning to Washington, D.C., to work for the Federal Reserve or become Secretary of the Treasury,” John Thomas says. “In college, I will study political economics or finance, depending on the school I attend.”

These big dreams are possible for John Thomas because of the continued support of his family and teachers and his growth opportunities through the Texarkana Independent School District. “My school has supported my every move by offering me resources needed to be effective in my community, state, and nation,” John Thomas says. “From my days as a kindergarten student at Morriss Elementary to my final days as a senior at Texas High School, the administration at Texarkana Independent School District has been there for me and my best interests.” 

John Thomas’ favorite teacher is his AP English Language teacher, Mrs. Anita Badgett. Throughout his junior year, he felt that Mrs. Badgett cared about her students’ well-being, both in and out of the classroom. “English is my least favorite subject, yet Mrs. Badgett made an effort to make her class as simple as possible while preparing me extremely well for our AP test at the end of the year. When our student council ran for President of Texas, Mrs. Badgett came as a chaperone and helped run our presentation booth. She also wrote me a fantastic letter of recommendation that I have sent to every college in hopes of receiving admittance and scholarships,” John Thomas says. “Lastly, Mrs. Badgett is very understanding of my workload outside of school, so she always gives me the grace to make up for the work I miss.”

At home, John Thomas is supported by his family. His dad, John, and mom, Julie, have given him the freedom to pursue his interests and make critical decisions; however, they are always involved in anything he does. “My mom will be the first to yell at me if my shirt isn’t ironed, and my dad will always be certain I have practiced a speech hundreds of times before I get on stage,” John Thomas says. “My sister, Hollan, is 21 years old and a junior at Texas Christian University, majoring in nursing. Hollan has always been my biggest competitor and supporter. We have battled over test scores, college acceptances, and who gets to ride in the car’s front seat, yet she will be the first to call me when I accomplish anything.”

John Thomas has had many accomplishments in his four years at Texas High School. He was elected Student Body President, a position that required four years of dedication and commitment to the students at Texas High School. “I was elected as President because of my constant desire to be the face of our school by leading pep rallies, anchoring our daily announcements show, and working with our administrators,” John Thomas says. “I have learned how to work with both students and adults, even when both sides disagree.”

John Thomas is also the President of the Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC), leading 1,297 schools across the state. Over 5000 students elect the president position at the annual state conference held in Irving. “Our cancer project for the conference has raised over $300,000 towards childhood cancer relief and prevention,” John Thomas says. “I chose to become involved with TASC because I believed I could make a genuine impact at the state level—a goal that my student council has well surpassed. Through this experience, I have improved my public speaking, social skills, and economic budgeting ability. I’ve had the opportunity to speak to large crowds and work with a board of directors.” 

In addition to both positions as president, John Thomas has been the statistician for the varsity basketball team since his freshman year. “Coach Skinner asked me to keep stats for the team, and I agreed, but I never expected the fun I would have. Being in the locker room pregame, sitting Courtside, and eating post-game meals every Tuesday and Friday during basketball season always kept me busy,” John Thomas says. “I played many sports growing up, but keeping stats gave me a new perspective on the analytical side of basketball and sports in general.” 

John Thomas grew up playing basketball due in part to his height. One interesting fact about John Thomas is that he is 6’5” and still growing. “It is almost impossible to find pants that fit my long legs in stores, so I always have to order them,” John Thomas says. “I have recently been growing super fast, so my mom has had to order me many new clothes that fit before college.”

Looking back at his senior year, John Thomas was most excited to cheer on the Tigers as they played at Cowboy Stadium. “The facility completely met my expectations, and it was cool to watch the Tigers play from the sideline at an iconic venue,” John Thomas says. “Unfortunately, we lost a close game, so the happiness was short-lived.”

Of all his high school achievements, John Thomas says that one stands out: his perfect 36 ACT score. Not only is this a feat that is rarely accomplished, but it is also a score that beat out his sister’s 35. “Winning a competition against Hollan is always a success. Also, I am only ever satisfied with perfection, so now the ACT is something I feel I have ‘conquered’ in life, along with being valedictorian of my class,” John Thomas says. “I am very dedicated; I would’ve taken every available ACT my senior year had I not gotten that perfect score. I’m glad that the 36 freed up a lot of Saturdays! Not many students can say they are in the 36 ACT club, so it is a nice accomplishment.” 

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