Parker Bennett

Arkansas High School

“Finish strong” is a phrase Parker Bennett’s father, Kenny, would use to encourage his son to do his best in everything. Parker has definitely heeded his father’s advice as he successfully accomplished his high school career and now prepares to graduate from Arkansas High School next month. Being involved in the National Honor Society since his sophomore year and the Texarkana Arkansas Razorback Trap Team for eight years has allowed him to learn some valuable life lessons. Parker says, “Being inducted into the National Honor Society my sophomore year proved that hard work pays off. Another valuable lesson I have learned is time management and being able not to get behind. I plan to work hard and be determined in everything I do in the future, no matter what it consists of. I also plan to manage my time wisely when completing different tasks.”

Parker’s list of achievements is not for the faint of heart. He is proud to be an A Honor Roll student and be at the top of his class. “I have always prioritized my academics in ways to achieve everything to the best of my ability,” Parker says. Outside of the classroom, Parker devoted time to achieving the rank of Eagle Scout when he was just 14 years old. Requiring a lot of hard work, time, and dedication, this accomplishment allowed him to prove his work ethic in different ways. Boy Scouts is not the only organization that has shaped him but also his church, Trinity Baptist Church, where he serves in the high school student ministry. Parker truly believes these organizations have provided him with many excellent life skills.

Parker’s future plans include attending the University of Arkansas next fall and pursuing a degree and career in civil engineering. He firmly believes that Arkansas High School has influenced him academically and personally. According to Parker, “They allow students to enroll in advanced placement (AP)/concurrent credit courses through University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana that are challenging. Being enrolled in multiple AP classes has provided college readiness. I have been enrolled in engineering classes for the past three years, and they have provided me with a better understanding of the career I plan to pursue. Being involved in advanced placement and engineering classes throughout high school has prepared me for college and future career plans.”

Behind any great school are teachers that care greatly about their students, and in Parker’s case, Mr. Chris Brisco became Parker’s favorite teacher throughout high school. Parker took Mr. Brisco’s engineering classes for three years. Parker describes Mr. Brisco saying, “He is always there to help and guide when doing different projects and tasks, and his teaching skills are great. He has taught me many different things regarding the career I wish to pursue, and his classes have been great learning opportunities for me over the past three years. His teaching style and hands-on learning environment influenced my choice of career greatly. He has just been an all-around great teacher.”

Looking at the younger classes behind Parker, he encourages the students to stay involved in school and not take anything for granted. “Being involved in different activities throughout high school just makes the experience greater and allows for growth as a person. Also, try and make every experience the best experience,” Parker says. His advice is genuine, as these four years in high school do fly by quickly.

Cheering on Parker in his future endeavors is his supporting family: his father, Kenny, his mother, Jo, and his brother, Riley. “The constant support from my family has been one of the key factors to getting me where I am today,” says Parker. Family has greatly influenced Parker and instilled the values of hard work and determination. He is confident his family is by his side today, tomorrow, and all the days to come.

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