Founding Partner of  Texarkana Emergency Center & Hospital 

Kyle Groom has always loved science, so he decided to pursue a biology degree and a medical career. He applied to the radiologic technologist school at Wadley Regional Medical Center and was accepted. While attending X-ray courses, he decided to apply to medical school. Today, Dr. Groom is an emergency and family physician. He is one of the founding partners at Texarkana Emergency Center & Hospital, where he practices emergency medicine, and he is the owner and physician at Dekalb Physicians Clinic. In addition, Dr. Groom is an owner and a medical director at Midsouth Transitions Medical Group, which cares for patients recently released from the hospital. “The best part about my job is getting the opportunity to get to know my patients and help them get better,” Dr. Groom says. “I really enjoy visiting with my patients and treating their illnesses or injuries.” 

In the future, Dr. Groom worries that healthcare will become less about what is good for the patient and more about saving money or political goals. “Healthcare careers require intelligent people but also have integrity and compassion,” Dr. Groom says. “Not everyone can or would do what healthcare providers do daily.”

Professionally, Dr. Groom is proud of his opportunities to work in various aspects of the medical field: family practice, emergency department, and transitional care. But, Dr. Groom says that his greatest accomplishment is his family. “I am married to my best friend, Leann. We have three sons—Hunter, Kaden, and Tyler,” Dr. Groom says. “My current goal is to educate my boys and ensure they are good, productive men.” 

In 2003, Dr. Groom was diagnosed with stage IV carcinoid cancer. Though 19 years since his diagnosis, he still lives with that disease daily. “I have had major surgery and radiation treatments,” Dr. Groom says. “It has not been easy, but it has made me a better doctor.”

Through it all, Dr. Groom relies on his faith in Jesus Christ to see him through the hard times. “I have found that in prayer, you get a lot of answers and peace in different situations,” Dr. Groom says. “Also, in emergency medicine, you see a lot of tragedy. It reminds me to always tell people how you feel about them daily. Life is precious, and nothing is guaranteed!” 

Fun Facts: 

1. I am passionate about hunting. 

2. I am involved in my community by giving time and money to local youth sports. 

3. My favorite place to eat in Texarkana is a difficult choice. We go to Verona’s for Italian, Twisted Fork for American cuisine and drinks, and Pop’s Place for seafood. 

4. If I could create a medical prescription drug, it would cure cancer because cancer has directly affected my family.

5. Most people don’t know I have cattle and a tree farm. My farm is where I go to relax.

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