Alex White’s first child was born in 2013. Like many first-time mothers, she was nervous and excited all at the same time. “I always wanted to be a mom, but nothing can prepare you for the overwhelming amount of love you have when you look at the sweetest little bundle and know that you are responsible for her,” Alex says. 

Now, Alex has four children. Elizabeth Grace, called Ella Grace, is nine; Reese Adeline is seven; and twins Penelope Ann and Cutter Leo are five. “Ella Grace is named after my college roommate; the other three each have one of their grandparents’ names,” Alex says. “Four kids who are four years old and under can be a doozy, but our house is always full of kids playing, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. I wouldn’t mind a little less arguing now and then, but they come by that honestly. That’s a trait I passed down!” 

Each one of Alex’s children is unique. She says that the oldest, Ella Grace (EG), cares deeply. “One time, her friend scored a goal, and EG cheered louder than everyone else even though she was on the opposing team,” Alex says. “When you don’t find her in camouflage or hunting, she’s playing whatever sport is available.” 

On the other hand, Reese is fiercely competitive. “Whether it is with sports or academics, she gives one hundred percent,” Alex says. “She is smart and witty. She’s the first to offer to care for babies, and she will draw or paint for hours.”

Penelope is the family’s only lefty and prefers her own space. “Penelope is the perfect sour patch! If her siblings leave her alone, she will create the most elaborate forts, activities for her dolls, or intricate artwork,” Alex says. “She is also extremely competitive and wants to keep up with her big sisters on and off the field.”

Cutter was born ten minutes after his sister, making him the baby of the family. “He’s the only boy, and he lives it up day in and day out. He could play baseball all day and keeps our neighbor busy throwing back the balls he’s hit over the fence,” Alex says. “He’s never met a stranger, will do anything for a laugh, and absolutely loves to snuggle with his mom.” 

Even though it can be challenging, Alex loves the little things that come with being a mom. She enjoys reading books together, going on walks, and watching the kids ride their bikes. She melts when they ask her to hold her hand or paint their nails. “Each one is so unique and enjoys different things,” Alex says. “EG loves to walk together and share AirPods; Reese wants to read me her books; Pip wants to help me cook; and Cutter loves to sit in my lap and watch a movie.”

Alex’s favorite memory of her kids was winter break in 2021. “There was so much snow! Real, fluffy snow, not the typical icy slush we usually see,” Alex says. “My kids went sledding, built snowmen, drank their weight in hot chocolate, and somehow played together with minimal pestering. It was a week of vacation with zero plans, and we enjoyed every minute.” 

Alex’s biggest challenge as a mom is the anxiety of making sure that meals are planned, groceries are bought, and laundry is clean. “I also REALLY can’t handle clutter; that leads to ZERO patience, and I started to recognize that was a problem early on. My husband would have probably appreciated it if I recognized it a little sooner,” Alex says. “Wellbutrin is my best friend and has helped me tame that temper. Always a work in progress, but thank God for doctors!”

One thing that Alex wishes she had known when she first became a mother is that the laundry never ends, but it changes. “Those sweet, smocked dresses turn into a big pile of camouflage and athletic clothes,” Alex says. “Savor those adorable little wooden hangers and the scent of Dreft every time you open the closet door.” 

One story that helps illustrate who Alex is as a parent occurs during family pictures. She enjoys planning her kids’ wardrobe for photos, and what better time than Christmas? “Tartan plaids, red corduroy, green velvet, give it to me! Outfits were ironed; candy for bribes was in place. We went downtown, and as we were getting out of the car, I realized that everyone was put together head-to-toe except that I was barefoot and had forgotten my shoes at home,” Alex says. “I at least had my toes painted.” 

When Alex needs advice about motherhood, she always reaches out to her mom. Alex says that her mom always takes the time to listen, and she knows when to stand firm and when to bend. “I consider my mom the best, and if I can be half as good as she is, then I consider that a win,” Alex says. “Also, my sisters and close circle of friends are there for the day-to-day questions and always have meaningful advice or know when to just offer a glass of wine.” 

When she looks back on her childhood, Alex acknowledges the impact of going to church; this is a tradition she wants to continue with her children. “Church was always important growing up. We didn’t just go to check it off the list; we truly enjoyed it. Many of my friends were from church and still are to this day,” Alex says. “Having like-minded beliefs helps build a solid foundation and is something I hope to instill in my children.” 

Alex believes that being a mother has impacted every aspect of her life. “Shoe shopping was my all-time favorite; now my kids have the best wardrobe in our house. Cooking and spices went hand-in-hand; now, it consists of only a little dash of pepper. Running for fun has turned into running for silence,” Alex says. “My prayers and devotionals seem to revolve around raising children with a love of Christ. Everything has been amplified, and it is something I do not take for granted. However, I keep crushed red pepper on hand.”


1. My dream Mother’s Day would include a spa day and a quiet hotel!

2. The best advice I’ve ever received as a mom is to choose your battles, and Dawn detergent removes all stains. 

3. All moms should be given an espresso machine!

4. The best gift my kids could ever get me would be pictures or stories about their favorite memories together. Time is a thief, and I want to remember as many small moments as possible. 

5. Moms deserve more than just one day a year to be celebrated. If I could create another holiday for moms, it would be called Maternity Eternity because appreciating moms and all they do should never end.

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