Kendal Dockery Thompson

Kendal Dockery Thompson became a mother for the first time in 2020. “Being a new mom is stressful, but then the added stress of it being twins and COVID made it a roller coaster for sure!” Kendal says. “The twins went to the NICU first thing after they were born, so the feeling of going home without them those first few days is a feeling I will never forget.” 

Today, Kendal is mom to her two-year-old twins, Charlie Sutton Thompson (Sutton) and Kenneth Owen Thompson (Owen), and the baby of the family, Sawyer Rey Thompson, who is 15 months old. “They are my three tiny tornadoes!” Kendal says.

Each of her three children is unique. Kendal says that Sutton, the firstborn by only a minute, lives up to her birth order. “She is my little mother hen. She is so quick to help her siblings and keep them in line when it’s needed,” Kendal says. “If she could snuggle her momma and eat snacks all day, her life would be complete! She’s my little best friend and will make the most wonderful, loving mommy one day.”

On the other hand, Owen is Kendal’s wild man. “This kid plays hard and loves even harder. He is one of the smartest little guys I have ever met. I mean, he can already spell his name!” Kendal says. “His constant need for a challenge reminds me a lot of myself, so I am guessing this is my payback! He will be the class clown, but hopefully the class clown at MIT or something like that.”

Lastly, Kendal’s caboose, Sawyer, or “Dumplin,” as everyone calls her. “She is the sweetest, happiest, most snuggliest angel there ever was. God knew I needed her a lot more than she would ever need me,” Kendal says. “She will absolutely be the one to rule the world one day!”

In the evening, after bath time, Kendal says that their favorite thing to do as a family is snuggle in bed and watch Minions or The Lorax. “I think this is such a wonderful bonding time (selfishly) for all of us,” Kendal says. “Also, one of my favorite memories was when the twins started showing interest in the baby. They were only 16 months old when she was born, so they did not know what was happening. Now they ADORE her and can’t wait for her to wake up every morning.”

Even two years ago, when Kendal had the twins, she wished she had known how fast time goes. “That’s a cliché answer, but it’s beyond true. Take videos, photos, and selfies; it all goes by so fast, and every single day is a chance to make a memory. Daily I look at pictures and videos of all the kids when they were little!” Kendal says. “I also know that you will survive. No matter the lack of sleep or the pain, you will come out better for it all. Believe me, there were days when the twins were first with me that I did NOT think I would make it to bedtime. Some days are still like that!”

The biggest challenge Kendal has faced as a mom is having patience for all three kids. “It’s HARD, and I fail daily. But, I always make a point to apologize to the kids if I lose my cool over something,” Kendal says. “Thinking back on my childhood, I wanted to make sure my kids knew that they can always come home, and I will always be there, no matter the circumstances.” 

When Kendal needs encouragement and mentorship from another mom, she goes to her mother. “I have always looked up to my mom and will go to her with questions I have,” Kendal says. “I also have a big group of girlfriends I am the baby of and the last one to have kids, so they always give me strength and encouragement on those hard days. Mainly, I see that they have survived motherhood so far, and I will too.”

Even on difficult days, Kendal loves every moment of being a mom. “Even the hard moments, the moments that challenge me, the moments that make me think and grow, the sad moments, and of course the happy moments,” Kendal says. “I was never the type to want kids, if I am being honest, and one day, I decided I wanted them and got two! That’s how you know God has a sense of humor!” 

Once she had the twins, Kendal says she became the girl who asked to hold a friend’s baby so they could eat. “You truly don’t know what mommas need until you become one. I told a friend the other day that I wish I had had kids sooner because I do not remember who I was before becoming a momma of three, and I wouldn’t change it for the world,” Kendal says. “I love the identity I have found in caring for them day in and day out. I also love that I have found a closer relationship with Christ through being a momma. It’s hard to imagine Him loving us more than we love our own babies, but He does!”

Kendal’s entire world changed on August 28, 2020, and again on January 13, 2022; the days she gave birth to her children. “I became responsible for raising good humans and suddenly held myself to an even higher standard for everything I did. Every move I make impacts them, whether I like it or not,” Kendal says. “Now that I am doing this on my own, my role has shifted to a full-time working momma and not a stay-at-home momma, and they have taken that with such stride. The twins have shown their momma a lot of grace. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without those three!”

Fun Facts!

1. My dream Mother’s Day would include snuggles from my girls and some flowers from my boy…on a beach…with a cold drink and lots of food.

2. The best advice I’ve ever received as a mom is to show your kids grace in every situation. 

3. All moms should be given an 18-year supply of wine and a weekly massage.

4. The best gift my kids could ever give me would be to grow up happy and healthy. Oh, and lots of grandbabies!

5. Moms deserve more than just one day a year to be celebrated. If I could create another holiday for moms, it would be called Silent Day because all moms need a little silence!

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