Michael and Ashley Freeman

November 12, 2022

Our love story is a tale of fate, one that reminds us of the power of timing and destiny. I had spent over eight years in New York City attending NYU and starting my career, but when COVID struck, I decided to head back home to Louisiana to work remotely during the lockdown. It was an unexpected move, but it was a blessing in disguise.

Little did I know that this decision would bring me face-to-face with my soulmate, Michael. Our families had been close friends for over three decades, having met as Air Force recruits in 1989. In fact, Michael’s mother was even present at my birth! Over the years, we often joked about the possibility of us ending up together, but I never took it seriously.

However, fate intervened on a warm and sunny day in August 2020. Our families decided to take a boating trip together, and Michael and I hit it off immediately – we were older now, and the timing was finally right. We both felt an instant connection, and it was clear that we were meant to be together. All those years of laughter and jokes about us being a perfect match suddenly became a reality.

After that magical day, I knew I didn’t want to return to New York. I had found my true home with Michael, and six months later, he proposed at the Old Mill in North Little Rock. Our love story is a testament to the fact that fate can bring two people together when the time is right. I feel incredibly lucky to have found my soulmate and to be able to share my life with him.

Our wedding day was a truly special and unforgettable celebration of the powerful forces of fate that brought Michael and me together. It was a day filled with love, joy, and gratitude for all the twists and turns of life that led us to each other. We were surrounded by our families and closest friends from across the country, and it was clear that every person in attendance was there to celebrate our love and support our journey together.

Choosing to have our wedding in Texarkana, a physical representation of the three states that played a significant role in our story, added such a sentimental touch to the day. It felt like we were coming full circle, making the day even more meaningful.

Overall, our wedding day was a celebration of love, fate, and the people who have supported us throughout our lives. It was a day we will look back on with fondness and cherish for years.

Parents of the Bride:  Mark & Syndie Rider; 

Dwayne & Leasa Self

Parents of the Groom: Michael & Marguerite Freeman

Matron/Maid of Honor: Madison Moore

Bridesmaids: Michelle Freeman, Emma Self, Madison Self, Sydney Grusd, and Courtney Campbell

Best Man: TJ Lampe

Groomsmen: Logan Surdam, Tyler Maples, 

and John Moore

Flower Girls: Essie Maples and Oaklynn Wald

Pastor / Officiant: Rev. Chad Mills

Flowers: Brianna Belton Design 

Hair: Delainea Hubbard

Make-Up: Kimberly BeardenBeauty

Venue: Garrison Gardens

Wedding Coordinator: Karen Guilbert

Cake: Graham Slam Bakery

Caterer: Garrison Gardens Catering

DJ: Chuck Guilbert

Rentals: Brianna Belton Design 

Photographer: Helms Creative / Savanna Helms / 

Megan Brunner 

Videographer: Bri London Duron

Wedding Invitations: Bride

Wedding Dress: Abella Bride/ Low’s Bridal 

Wedding Jewelry: Effy 

Tuxedos: Jos. A Bank

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