Suzie TK SNIPPETS – May 2023


We can get overwhelmed in a world where everything changes, and nothing stays the same. The whirl of time is so fast you want to say: “Stop the world and let me off.”

As we get older, the things in life lose their fascination! Your purchase pattern changes! You don’t buy green bananas; you purchase items in the light of need in days, not years. If you did not grow up in a world of technology, you could feel lost, but I have a little of Captain Kirk inside me. My curiosity and adventurousness get the best of me, and I become bold and explore new horizons! 

I recently watched a TikTok video of a young Hindu man on the approach needed to lead a person of Indian heritage to the Lord. Then I read this question in a blog:

“Why don’t you try reading God’s Word through the lens of another culture?”

This question/statement made me stop and ponder! It is something I’ve missed for sure. I grew up in a spiritual culture of single-mindedness; this is the only way mentality. I had to relocate to a different area to open my eyes and see what was important – the love of Jesus with a relationship, not a mechanical religion of rules. Yes, we are to conduct ourselves to be reverent and dress modestly but the styles of acceptability change from one generation to the next. For instance, the culture of the 30s would not have accepted a one-piece swimsuit with boy legs worn in the 60s! We can’t lose patience with the next generation and ignore them. We are left on earth for a purpose, as outlined in the biblical book of Titus.

As older men and women, we are to live reverently and teach the younger generation what is good and not to bring shame to God. You know, set an example and be a good role model.

From looking at some of the current TikTok videos, we have a real mission ahead of us!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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