Thomas Alexander

Patrol Officer with New Boston Police Department & Bowie County Sheriff’s Office

Thomas Alexander works part-time as a Patrol Deputy with Bowie County Sheriff’s Office, and he has been full-time with New Boston Police Department for the last two years. “New Boston is a small community where everyone knows each other, which makes the community more close-knit than areas with bigger populations. We all try to work together to make the community better as a whole, and that is sometimes harder in larger cities,” Alexander says. “I think the communication is better and more open in a smaller community like New Boston. It is nice to know your neighbors and for them to know you.”

Alexander appreciates that many New Boston citizens support law enforcement and take the time to show it. “I think our department has an excellent relationship with our citizens, and that is one of the most important aspects of community policing,” Alexander says. “Earning the respect and trust of the community is important to us.”

Though it was not his original plan, Alexander decided to pursue a career in law enforcement after an officer suggested that Alexander might be a good fit for the job. “I was always interested in law enforcement and had been considering it. After college and working other jobs, I still felt compelled to go into law enforcement, so I decided to go to the academy and become a police officer,” Alexander says. “The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that what I do daily matters. Even the small things I do as a police officer are big things to the communities I serve and make a difference in the lives of others.”

Alexander says that some days on the job are much more challenging than others. “Calls involving children or the death of someone’s family member are some examples. On those types of calls, you empathize with the people affected and the victims, and sometimes that can be hard,” Alexander says. “I always try to remember that even on the worst days for others, I can still try my best to help improve their day.” Even on the most challenging calls, Alexander is motivated by knowing that his actions impact others. “What I do and how I react can mean the world to someone else,” Alexander says. “One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned on the job is to listen more. I don’t pass judgment and try to be more understanding of other people’s circumstances.”

Alexander also tries to ensure a good relationship between law enforcement and the public by getting to know the people in the communities he serves. “I try to always be fair, respectful, and understanding of others when they call for help or are on different calls,” Alexander says. “I’m a person just like them, and I treat others as I would want to be treated. I try to be a good listener and offer advice to help with the situations we are called for.” 

Like many law enforcement officers today, Alexander hopes to improve community relationships and perceptions of the badge. “I wish the community knew that we are people just like them. We try our best to understand their circumstances, find resolutions to their problems, and remain unbiased,” Alexander says. “I wish they understood that police officers genuinely want to help. We are not just here to ‘take people to jail.’ This job is so much more than that. Police officers answer calls on people’s worst days sometimes, and we try our best to make that bad day better when we can. We cannot always fix every situation, but the truth is, we want to. I hope that society understands and sees the good we do and not just the bad they see about police officers on the news or social media.”

In the future, Alexander hopes that New Boston will expand community activities for the young people who live there. “It would be nice for New Boston, or even the other smaller cities on the west end of the county as a whole, to have somewhere like a recreational center, Boys and Girls Club, or community center for kids to be able to go to spend time together and have something to do outside of school and sports. Not every kid does extracurricular activities with school, and even those that do, would benefit from a place like that,” Alexander says. “I would encourage kids to take advantage of a place like that and help explain the benefits to city officials.”

Looking back on his time in law enforcement, Alexander says he is most proud of having the privilege to be a police officer. When he was younger, he never imagined he would be where he is today. “I really enjoy being a police officer, and there are a lot of rewarding takeaways from what I do every day. If I had chosen a different profession, I would not feel the same way each day when I go home. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I can help someone else,” Alexander says. “It’s very rewarding to serve others.” 

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