From the Publisher – August 2023


24,000. That is a considerable number. What does it represent?     

Well, it could be the number of black bears in Wisconsin. Or it could be the approximate population of Marshall, Texas. Or it could be the number of Japanese Yen to make $172.84 in United States currency.

Or it could be the average cost of one year in college.   

Or it could be the average number of people returning to our area school districts this month! Yes! 24,000 students. That’s a lot for our schools to be taking care of every year, every month, every week, every day.   

I am so appreciative of all that our educators do each day. They love our children, nurture them, and help them become the citizens they need to be. They are not just educators to many children – they become a parental figure for many who have no help and need someone to guide them. They have patience, something I have very little of these days.   

I will admit that I am not the best “small child” person. I don’t care to be around children that are not well-behaved. From a very young age, my children were taught how to act in public, sit at a table, and not disturb those around us. I don’t understand why other people’s children cannot be taught the same – manners! And when they aren’t, I want to assist in helping them learn! LOL! Hence the reason I am not a teacher! LOL! My way of teaching them might not go over so well nowadays, and I would probably be fired and put in jail!    

Needless to say, I know how hard it must be for teachers to do their jobs teaching and the job of parents. I don’t know how they do it! They are amazing! If they can make a difference in these kids’ lives and help them be all they can be, shouldn’t they be rewarded? Of course, they should. However, the reward they seek is to see those children grow up, come back, and tell them their success stories. What amazing people we have that are willing to help other people’s children be their best!   

As your children return to school this year, take the time to thank their teachers for the hard work they do. It’s not easy for them on so many days. But even if they make a difference in a few that would have “dropped through the cracks,” it’s what they look forward to each school year.    

Thank an educator. May God bless you and yours.

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