Suzie TK  Snippets – August 2023

Growing Up Vs. Growing Old | By Suzie Tyler

We’ve all been told: “Grow Up!”

Growing up is a maturing process, but growing old begins when we are born. Most people think of being geriatric, between 65-70, aka retirement age.

My little Mamaw’s hair was gray, and she put it in a bun on top of her head. She looked like a typical Grandma Moses. As a teenager, she was my idea of old.   

That has changed through the years. My sister was a grandmother in her thirties with black hair. She is 87 and has very little gray hair, even today. She had short, predominately dark curls until her 70s. The other three sisters began coloring those wisdom roots in our roaring twenties.

Today, grandmothers will color their golden year locks, and even if they choose to stay gray, they go to the beauty shop to get their hair styled in the latest fashion — with very few buns.  

We know we have reached old age when our bones ache, and our knees go weak, but not from seeing a heartthrob, even though that could occur.   

Like a vintage car, our body has many miles from the journey through life, and the parts wear out. After a while, no replacement parts are available.  

Maybe we should begin a protest in our spare time and demand that we are called vintage instead of old. It has a better sound to it.  

But even with all the aches and pain, the journey is worth seeing the grands and great-grands grow up and begin their journey through life, and the process will be repeated.  

There’s an old saying, “Everybody wants to go to Heaven, but no one wants to die to get there.” Or this one, “We all want to go but not on the next load.” Truthfully, we don’t want to leave our loved ones, and they don’t want to lose us.  

So, grow old gracefully, enjoy your time on this planet, and do something positive for the Kingdom of God. The here and now will quickly become the past.

But while we live out our vintage years, those senior discounts sure are nice.
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